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CC Knights
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health 8 hits from an enemy wizard.
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Castle Corp 2

Knights are the main characters of Castle Corp 2.

Castle Corp 2

The knights in Castle Corp 2 look similar to the ones in Castle Corp. They have armor, a sword, and shield. But instead of having a cross on its face, it has a X. The wizards did this, but it seems like they had a different plan, because the knights had no change in anything.

All the knights in Castle Corp 2 have names, like the ones in Castle Corp. These knights have to be picked up and put on a pad. Then the knights will start walking. They will continue to walk until they reach the end of that path. Then they will jump and parachute down to saftey. Before putting the knight onto the pad, the player has a chance to equip the knight with a weapon. This will increase the chance of the player's chance to destroy the enemies.


  • The names of the knights are actual names of real knights that have been knighted.