ET Knight
Attack Will initiate a game over upon landing on the castle
Abilities Descending; being lifted by balloo


Points 10
Game(s) Evil Touch
Knights are enemies in the game Evil Touch. They are trying to invade a castle with Mice. They float down using Balloons with symbols on them.


Knights are robots with purple and green armour. They actual armour is purple, but with green rimming. The knights have a horn on each side of their head, which are also green. The knights have pink eyes and a pink mouth, which are on the inside of their armour. Their head and body are put together as one piece, and they have hands and feet. Their hands and feet are also covered in purple and green armour.


Knights slowly descend down from the top of the screen on balloons. The balloons can be popped by drawing the design on it. Knights will drop to the ground and shatter when their balloon(s) is popped, with their armour in a pile. This pile will soon fade. Also, the player will be granted ten points for every knight they shatter. The less balloons a knight have attached, the faster it will fall. This means that on a knight with multiple balloons, the more balloons popped, the faster it lands. If a knight lands on the castle, the game is over. Successful knights (the ones who have landed on the castle) will jump up in joy.


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