La La Laboratories ♪, also known as Lala Labs for short is one of the any unique buildings in No-Name Ville. This is the birthplace of Carter, Austin, Abomoneynation, and Bennet, Justin. The three are positive characters and grew up at different times in different methods. Abomoneynation stars as a Boss when he debuts, but later on moves out of the laboratory, as the player needs to help him carry his groceries in J.U.S.T.I.N.

Methods for Cloning

This only takes 24 Hours-

While this process may fail 98% of the time, Carter evaded those odds and is now living a happy life with his almost all boy family

Rush Hour-

A new process at the time, WAC was eager to impress his parents and defy the complaints that "It was still a raw formula" and with that, Bennet was born without a single hitch.


Mix a Chicken and anything else you can think of together! With that, Abomoneynation was born.


La La Laboratories ♪ looks different from all the other buildings in No-Name Ville. It's is pink and has bubbles floating out of its chimney. It's rectangular but constantly getting bigger.


1-10 Cloning Facility


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