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25 (5 of them are secret)

Game Type:

Main Game


Player 1:↑←↓→ Enter
Player 2: WASD Spacebar


First fan-game put on the wiki

Laserhead is a non-official and fan-made sequel of Bullethead. In the game, Triclopians have to defend their planet from the Alien Robots, with new weapons and environment.

The players must destroy all the robots to advance, collecting coins and powerups to help in the journey.

Laserhead also features 5 secret levels based on the Tresistance, a resistance of rebellious Triclopians who fights the robots with more advanced and war-based weapons, including more and better powerups.


Player 1

Left Right Left, right - Move Triclopian

Up Up - Jump

Enter key - Shoot laser

Down Down - Revive a dead Triclopian (if playing in multiplayer)

Player 2

AD Left, right - Move Triclopian

W Up - Jump

Spacebar - Shoot laser

S Down - Revive a dead Triclopian (if playing in multiplayer)


Hundreds of years after the events of Bullethead, the technology of the Triclopians' planet has evolved a lot, and new power ups and a new kind of helmet featuring a laser shot was made. Suddenly, a troop of evil robots attacked their planet to defeat the Triclpoians and then steal their technologies. Then, a new war started. Triclopians got their recently-made laser helmets and battled once again for save their planet.