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Magnavox' coins are coins inspired by the money of other users. Wikians can get them.


  • Magnavox Coin Magnavox coin - just a regular coin - Common
  • Inverted Magnavox Coin Inverted Magnavox coin - a regular coin with reserved colors - Uncommon
  • Ghost Magnavox Coin Ghost Magnavox coin - a ghost coin - Rare
  • Ninja Magnavox Coin Ninja Magnavox coin - a coin made of Takeshi - Rare
  • Fire Magnavox Coin Fire Magnavox coin - In the fire power - Rare
  • Water Magnavox Coin Water Magnavox coin - In the water power - Rare
  • Plant Magnavox Coin Plant Magnavox coin - A coin made of plant - Rare
  • Bone Magnavox Coin Bone Magnavox coin - Made with human skeleton bones - Super Rare
  • Oodlegob Magnavox Coin Oodlegob Magnavox coin - Coin made of oodlegob smile - EXTRA RARE
  • Diamond Magnavox Coin Diamond Magnavox coin - Worth 100 magnavox coins - MEGA RARE
  • Instant Magnavox Coin Instant magnavox coin - You can use it to buy everything - RAREST COIN EVER!!!!!!


(From common to rarest) Common, Uncommon, rare, super rare, EXTRA RARE, MEGA RARE, RAREST COIN EVER!!!!!!

How do get coins

  • Say at magnavox that his fanart is good
  • Help fixing grammars or mistakes on articles
  • Winning Magnavox contests
  • Comment on Magnavox' articles that lacks comments

Magnavox Shop

Boxes and gum for paste

  • Tesla Box Tesla box - 10 Magnavox coins
  • Super Gum Super Gum (Magnavox edition) - 20 Magnavox Coins
  • Box for save honey Box for honey - 30 Magnavox coins

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