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Running Maiden
Attack Turning the Green Wizard into a lap dog
Abilities Running quickly, having strange tastes in animals
Health 1 straight line through them
Points 100
Game(s) Untouched

Maidens are a enemy found in the game Untouched.


Maidens have light brown skin. The have two green eyes, black eye brows, and red lips on their faces. They have light blue earrings hanging from their ears. They wear a pink dress with a black, grey, and green inner piece underneath. On their feet they wear red shoes. Lastly they have fire red hair.


Maidens always enjoyed daring each other to go into the graveyard at night. Usually they would all get so scared of the zombies they would run to escape and get saved by a person of unknown they nicknamed shooter. The red haired maidens held a consul and decided to leave and seek their fortune. They found the Green Wizard's brother and decided to work for him as maids. They enjoyed their work and loved the green wizard's brother dearly and they treated the green wizard the same when he took over the castle. Once they saw what the green wizard was doing they decided to grab his wand and turn him into a lap dog. One after the other the ran at the green wizard reaching for his wand but they never succeeded. They have now gone to seek their fortune elsewhere and they have all become successful models.

Game Information

Maidens always appear running from one side of the screen towards the green wizard. If they touch the green wizard they will steal his wand and turn him into a lap dog. By drawing a straight line through maidens it is possible to destroy them. In certain levels Maidens will move faster then the way they usually do.