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Matt:"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN" *rubs eyes*. Well, time for another day at the fabulous Nitrome!!!!

A short car drive later.......

Matt: Hmm.... something doesn't feel right.......

Heather: Your darn right there is!!!!!

Matt: !!!!! Oh.... it's just you.

Heather: Yeah the doors been locked since I arrived here.

Matt: Well Jon said he'd have the doors unlocked by the time we got here........

Matt reaches under a the door-mat and presses his thumb against a finger scanner.

Heather: Since when was that installed?

Matt: About three years ago, I knew there'd be a use for it someday.

The doors slide open......

Matt: Lets go and see what's the hold-up here......

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