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Maxwell Merlock vs. Takeshi rapoff is a to-be-written "songfic" thing that supposedly takes place towards the end of Final Ninja Zero. Rather than a boss battle, the two opponents rap (of course).

Round 1


Undercover undiscovered
When you thought you recovered
Running into every trap with your sidekick slash (/) lover
With your skulls so thick, y’almost made me sick,
‘Til I remembered that your insides would cook really quick.

Did you truly think that you could raid my building with stealth?
While my robot snipers seek and drain a third of your health?
I guess it’s no surprise,
This leads to your demise
‘Cause the only thing you gained from this trip is exercise.

Now the ninja who tried
Will taste delicious fried
And my recipe’s a delicacy that can’t be defied!

So it’s over ninja – time to step right up to the plate,
As I have a set of spices that will make you taste great.

And I simply can’t wait!


Yo Max I gotta say that you talk a big game
And you’ve picked the right ninja to bring you real shame
You’re the strangest looking man I’ve ever seen in my sight
Your head’s shaped like a lightbulb except it’s not very bright!
You call me dinner? I ain’t dinner!
Nor prisoner – I’m a winner
If you want to eat, take cooking lessons for beginners.

Your corrupted ways, atop your ninja craze,
Sent me on this mission to severely limit your days.
If the only pride you have is a white shield to boast
Then your SWATs should get some butter ‘cause you’re gonna be toast.

I hope you’re fully aware, when you put up this dare
That I’d certainly do more while you rapped than just stare.
Yes I’ve found your weakness but I didn’t think you would care
Because the chance of getting hurt in a rap is pretty rare.

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