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Mecha Saur Dragon
Gender Male
Species Mecha saur
Faction Good
Health 50 Blows
Level Not in levels
Status Alive
Game(s) None

Mechayin is Axiy's biggest pet, Axiy made him from my garage using old Nitrome dragons. After Axiy made him Axiy let him walk around my land because he was to big to fit in his house. He didn't appear in any games but he did appear in Nitrome's great Journey destroying a lot of Geolixes and Crystal Kings. Mechayin was first mentioned when Axiy was talking to Emitewiki2 in the chatbox when his tail and head was only made.


Thing Mechayin 1
It took hours making Mechayin (in real life) and Axiy spent many days designing him the first version of him got deleted with Map of Nitrome fanart.

Family and Friends

Mechayin does have family members but they died and I made Mechayin out of the dragons that died and that means that he has alot of parents he does have friends like Aqua, Untesty, Rahama, Tim, Robotic Rahama and Chilly he also has 3 troops Rahama, Robotic Rahama and Tim.

Pieces and origin

The pieces on Mechayin are from Dragons from Nitrome. Here is a list.

  • Tail - Jack Frost Dragons
  • Body - Dragons from Castle Corp
  • Head - Yin Yang Dragons
  • Top leg - Dragon Serpent
  • Bottom leg - Dragon Twin Shot
  • Foot - Onekey Dragon
  • Arm and hand - Omega Dragon Bullethead
  • Those shiny circles - Dragons Hot Air

Costume Party

Mechayin joined the costume party and dressed up as Thing 1. Axiy was trying to tell him that he was to big but Mechayin couldn't hear him.


  • Sometimes Mechayin is mistaken by Mechatin then a Tin man from Steamlands comes instead of Mechayin.