Mega Mash Pack 2 is a sequel to Mega Mash. Unlike the first game, there are 8 games in the one game pack. (Although one seems like a "bonus" game.) The second game has 10 more levels then the first one. This makes there be 3 boss levels. (30 levels altogether.)


The 8 games are once again mixed together, and sometimes there is blank gamespace in places.

  • Carrot Bad
  • Hoopshoot
  • Enemy World
  • Troll Dungeon
  • NES Must Die
  • Blobble
  • Rotater
  • Cartridge Quiz


Shady Hero

Rhino Ball


Troll and Dungeon Blocks

Au and Ju

Bubble Blob

Rotating Block



Carrot Bad

White Beasts - A basic enemy, runs around.

Black Beasts - Slightly harder to defeat then it's White counterpart, sometimes jumps.

Bats - Flies around.

Fungi - Chases the player.

Zombies - Attacks the player by throwing sythes.

Fish - Swims normally.

Sharks - Chases the player underwater.

Fluffballs - Fluffykin's minions, the hardest enemies.


Crab Robots - Robots that walk around.

Turtle Robots - Robots that can hide into their shells.

Bomb Robots - Robots that sit in the ground and explode on contact.

Chain Robots - Robots that spin around in chains.

Worm Robots - Robots that tunnel into the ground and then pop out again.

Guard Robots - Robots that home in on the player.

Enemy World

Dwarfs - Normal, slow punch attack.

Mages - Somewhat difficult, magic ball attack.

Hunters - Usally fast, bow and arrow attack.

Warlocks - Uses magic staffs.

Monsters - High HP and attack power. Attacks with a mighty slam.

Troll Dungeon

Fireballs - Jumps out of traps.

Fire Figures - Morphs into various enemies.

NES Must Die

Employees - Shoots with guns.

Charomats - Spawns various enemies refrencing other NES games.

Robotic Cube Boys - Robotic Cube Boys that chase the player.

Bosses - Attacks with whip.


Mechanics - Robot-like enemies that walk back and forth.

Skeletons - If the player takes too long, these jump out of walls and chase them.

Cloakers - When they see the player, they shoot out of their "hands".

Blob Balls - Flies around. Changes directions when coming to any type of wall.

Alien Bugs - Fly slowly and shoot from above.

Dark Riders - Rides on motorcycles and sometimes throws metal balls at the player.


Big Red Dragon

Dr. Doomsday

Evil Fluffykins


Pick Ups

Interactive Objects


  • Almost all of the games are based on older video games and Nitrome games.
    • Carrot Bad is based on Cave Story, like some of Carrot Story is.
    • Hoopshoot is based on Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • Enemy World is based on Final Fantasy.
    • Troll Dungeon is based on Square Meal.
    • NES Must Die is based on Nitrome Must Die.
    • Blobble is based on Bubble Bobble.
    • Rotater is based on block games in general.
    • Cartridge Quiz is not based on much of anything, it is just a basic quiz game featuring all the games in the Mega Mash series.

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