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    I've judged it finally since no one would. Are you in charge in making a new contest or a lap or a new version or whatever it's called! What's it called?

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    • Sorry, I will be away for a while and unable to edit the wiki a lot. For the time being, someone who isn't away will have to take over. I'll see who I can find, and thanks for judging it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I've finally picked in which place each image is in!
    1: Frostyflytrap - Your picture looked different from all the rest. Your hand drawn Parasite picture made the parasite look realistic, you also did the mouth well. He looks so sinister, despite being a little head with legs.
    2: Zt-freak - I like the colours you used for the comic, and how simple the characters look, yet they look so good. The humour is also funny.
    3: Emitewiki2 - The mixture of a dragon and the common red enemy, along with its flame shooting mouth, are an interesting twist between the easiest and simplest enemy and the toughest and hardest enemy.
    4: The Mysteryous User - Even though he just changed swindler's colours from green to yellow, it makes him look like a Toxic (Character) swindler. The colour change is also makes the image look nice. 5: The two characters appear as though they are made out of rectangles - rectangular head, arms, body, and legs. The two birds are drawn very good.
    6: The good and evil atom eyeballs look quite different from their usual fat cat appearance. It is evident that the red atom eyeball is evil, from its red eyelashes. The green one is my favourite, as the light green eyelashes go well with the blue eye.

    Well, those are my votes.

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  • This is a strange question, but I haven't seen you answer it yet. Fanart is not allowed on Nitrome Wiki, but are Nitrome-related mainspace images allowed on the Fanfiction Wiki? An image like this, for example, was an image from Cave Chaos 2. It is not fanart, as a fan has not created it, but it is Nitrome's artwork. And with that, I ask, is it allowed?

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    • Why not? It's used in a story (that doesn't mean that anything that's used in a story is allowed). People don't have to make everything themselves for a story.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Has this Wiki discussed what defines fanart here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but all fanart has to vaguely resemble something Nitrome related, but the community has not discussed what makes fanart here and what does not.

    Also on the subject of personal images, I am doing an image cleanup on Nitrome Wiki and could help do some image maintenance here as well. Before deleting personal images, am I required to warn a user each time I delete something they uploaded or should I assume that every registered contributor editing here has read the Wiki's policy?

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  • Policy Forum: Hosting personal images on another wiki

    Hi, I'm SQhi.

    I would like to invite you to have a say on a policy proposal regarding personal images on Nitrome Wiki, Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki and Nitrome Pixel Love Wiki.

    Link to forum

    Your participation is greatly appreciated. =)

    SQhi(talk) 07:33, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

    -This is a mass message.-

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  • One: Can I be next judge for the image contest after NOBODY?

    Two: Can we have the image contest finale, where we take all the first placers and have a contest between all of them to find the grand winner. None of the judges could be finalists.

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  • Pardon me for this seemingly insignificant question, since I'm mostly used to PROPER wiki talk pages, and not message walls and article comments.

    Whenever I receive a message on Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, even after visiting the page, when I continue editing at Nitrome Wiki, the "you have messages at Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki" doesn't go away. Is there a way to clear this?

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  • I thought this was supposed to be a Wiki only for fanart, so are images like this and this allowed here?

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  • Alright, I'm a few hours behind where you live. So sorry about that.

    Second. The subbmissions.

    What I'm gonna say really stood out to me was Frosty Flytrap's (or Phil) cave-painting like images. They looked really unique and like he actually found a cave an just drew 'em with chalk.

    Another thing I liked was any pixel art. Although most people used "stamps", as I like to refer to basic Nitrome characters as, there were some cases of originality, which I liked. Stamp subbmissions included NTPYTO and Santi (or Joey). The stamp art that REALLY stood out to me was Santi's (I'm just gonna use Joey, this reminds me way too much of Christmas) unique Multi-Zapo. Which reminds me of my Nitrome Cats Idea. What also made his stand out was the color scale he included.

    So on grades, I'm going to say this:

    1. Frosty Fly Trap : The fact that you took inspiration from the Nazca Lines, although to me it seemed like more of a cave-drawing, made it seem the most uniqe. Although he used straight lines (after further inspection) the including of seperate shapes, like cutting the angel into two seperate figures to make a larger one, made it seem like an out-of-the-box idea.

    2.Santi : I loved your entry. The inclusion of the color scale showed that you took your time to craft this entry . Second, adding onto them instead of just making changes to the color of Zapo made the greatest difference.

    3. ZT-Freak and Supreme Command Master : I liked the plot of the comic and it makes sense why that would happen. Your use of arganic lines instead of straight made a real difference to me instead of landing you fourth place.

    4. AC4e : I liked your entry. but you didn't include a larger scaled image like most others. which made it harder to tell how intricate you mae it.

    5. NTPYTO : Your entry was uniqe. But since it was only a "stamp" is what brought you down. If you had included a level or something along with the reversed image it would land higher than a five.

    I did like the Idea that NTPYTO had, but the downfall of the Idea was that he only reversed the colors. I love the Idea but the fact that he had only included a reversed image and no levels or any Artwork of what the game is to look like brough him down.

    AC4E did a great job of pixelizing the unicorn. But the exclusion of a larger image, made it unable to really grade the the differences in colors and fine pixeling if any.

    On ZT and SCM, it looked like a comic. I liked the fact that they only used organic chapes instead of plain old straight lines, which gives a more artistic design.

    Congratulations to all our entries! ;)

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  • When will CandD announce the judgement?

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