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  • where i play mutiny sequel

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  • Nobody, I thought of an idea for a game article about an RPG where you play as the users of this wiki. I want to put you in the game as a playable character. Is it okay if I do so?

    If the answer is yes, then what 2 elements will you use?

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  • Say, one thing I thought I had brought up in the thread but I guess I didn't is the definition of "inactivity" - which needs some clarification.

    The rules specifically state that admins have to have been inactive for a year before they are demoted - when I see something like this (and it's the easiest thing to do), it implies that user has not made any contributions to this wiki for a year. Users like Santi and Emite haven't been inactive for a year yet - Santi's last edit was in December 2015, and actually helping with an admin related issue. And Emite last made an edit on June 30, 2015. There's still a few months to go before we could demote him if we were to go by inactivity with this way of thinking.

    Okay aside from the "Ban Game" thread, my last actual wiki contribution was that blog post *shrugs* that happened just over a week ago. Additionally, just before February, I actually carried out an admin related action, which involved temporarily protecting a page. I created a mainspace page last month. I don't know if that constitutes to inactivity, but we need a succinct definition.

    But yeah, I don't say this because I need admin rights back. I say this because the implementation was way too sudden and flatout unexpected and just not well executed. If you look at Mystery's original thread, he doesn't even suggest for Emite and Santi to be considered for demotion, but says that they are worth mentioning. Emite and Santi have been sporadically inactive; the least that could be done is to send messages to them and actually wait it out until it's been one year since their last edit to demote them.

    I mean, what about yourself? You're considered the only active long-time user on Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki, eh? This is exactly why "inactivity" needs to be defined here. Do users have to make mainspace pages regularly here to be an admin? An admin just needs to be active enough to patrol the wiki and make sure the community is sustained etc. (in the most bland terms) imo. So if there's evidence of interaction with the community (like commenting on people's works), take this into consideration when clarifying your admin demotions policy.

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    • Previously, I considered myself exempt from the admin demotion rules since I was involved with posting discussions regarding the wiki and TMU has always come to me to discuss changes to the wiki. However, I just now realized that those two events have only happened once, so it doesn't make sense for me to be exempt from them. Currently, I only have my admin rights because I'm not considered inactive, although I am thinking that maybe I don't need them since I haven't fixed errors in the wiki that I've noticed (like the the typo and coding typo in Template:FeaturedArticle).

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    • I just wanted to let you know I still stand by the fact that I'm not upset about the demotion itself, but the principle. As much as I'd love to be more active here, I simply don't have as much time as I used to. But you had called me inactive and defined what it meant to be inactive, and the two didn't match up. As such, it was confusing know exactly what the standards were if they weren't being followed.

      I feel like your bureaucrat/admin rights depend on whether you think editing actively on any Nitrome Wiki while showing some evidence that you still check up on Nitrome Fanfiction Wiki is considered active.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Should this (click me) be concluded? Most users voted.

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  • I think it would be a good idea on having only the active staff managing the wiki. I see no point on letting inactive users have the position in the hope of them 'ever' returning. Our RFA requests them be well integrated into the community. But if they have been inactive for a long time, can they still be considered known in the community?

    Perhaps there should be a certain period of inactiveness set?

    Here are the users you should think about:

    • Axiy - last active on October 2013. Since them a lot of the old users left and new ones joined

    Also other users that dont fit on the paragraphs above but are worth mentioning

    • Emitewiki's last activity was on July 2015, but he still can be seen occasionally on the NW chat (last time yesterday! actually)
    • Santiago had very few contributions on 2015 (and since its creation to this day by comparision to other users), but can easily be reached as he still is logging in on Wikia quite often
    • Also Bluefire2 (also bureaucrat) last did something on this wiki on 2013, yet the logs show that he last logged in 2015...
    • Plasmaster was promoted over a year ago and only recently became aware of Special:AdminDashboard, which is, uhh, a pretty important tool...

    I will be waiting for your response. 

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    • Ok here is my opinion on this, @RSK

      • An admin should try to announce his following inactivity
      • 1 year of inactivity should guarantee a demotion
      • However, if it was announced, a demotion should be done around 2 or 3 months later than the time he wws supposed to come back
      • If the user returns, we should wait a certain period or time (3 weeks to 2 months maybe?) so we make sure he doesnt go into inactivity again/didnt change (e.g.  became a troll/vandal - ok thats unlikely but possible).

      Umm did I miss anything? Struggling with mobile wikia so please answer if this doesnt answer your questions.

      As for the quick reply, yeah it isnt about that but... I feel like 20 days would have been enough to conclude that.

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    • I guess I'm too used to having discussions last for months, which is what usually happens with most Nitrome Wiki discussions (unless the proposer is overtly passionate about what they're trying to implement). I'm in agreement with what you propose for the most part, except for that last point, which I think could do more with a little judgement/common sense.

      As a general rule of thumb, if a user returns, maybe I'd grant the rights back upon request. I don't know if users will immediately request them - I don't think I did until I realised I needed to do mass cleanup involving the deletion of files. But of course if a user is constantly leaving and then asking you to give them back their rights then maybe it will be an issue, though consider that a user would have to be inactive for an entire year unannounced before you'd have to intervene.

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  • Hello NOBODY!

    I wonder if you could put my creation Bad Ice-Cream (Strawberry Flavour made in Paint) in the Nitrome Wiki chat as an emoticon using (strawberryflavour) or (icecreamstrawberry).


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You remember when i wanna make a badge,where is the base for it?

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  • MatiasNTRM added his pages to my category and no matter what I try to do, I can't remove them from my category! The category is for my username, and none of my rules for my category applies to his pages! All I'd like is for his pages to be removed from my category's page. Is there any way that you can reverse this? Thanks.

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  • Yesterday, I didn't know what I was doing wrong with the template, but I'm glad that you fixed it for me :3

    • clicks tongue* yeah, we all know that I'm not the brightest lightbulb on here when it comes to formatting *twiddles stubs*

    Again, thanks ^_\ ^

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  • Okay, so all the userboxes on Nitrome wiki are distributably. Does the same happen here?

    For example, I want use a template which includes a [green/yellow/fanart enzyme] owned by [user]. Is special permission needed?

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