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  • So hey, I came up with two types of interactions in the RPG. (Wow, my writers block wears off for ONE second, and suddenly, my head won't stop coming up with ideas.)

    The first type of interaction is environmental, basically, there's some interactable object on the field, the lead member of your party makes a comment about it.

    Basically, here's my interactions:

    A Droplet being cooked by villagers: "Serves that thing right."

    A game of kickball: "They look like they're having fun!"

    The part of the forest Regernar destroyed: "(Says this like he's somehow responsible) The trees, they're just...dead. Not torn down or burned, just dead. (Looks sad.)

    Strange Purple Webs: (Looks intensely) "Regernar is close. I can feel him."

    The Shadowed Kraken: (Fascinated) "A Scubakraken! Proplably around 800 years old by the look of it."

    The Mystery Blackness: "I think I just saw a face in there." (Shudders)

    The Rainbow Colored Crystals: (Alomst Hypnotised) "So Pretty."

    The Angry Sky Serpents in the distance: (Angry) "Somthing has made these things mad." ("And it's not that annoying norse boy this time")

    The baby dragons: "Awwwww"

    A Big Pit: "Hmmmm. (Throws stone, then waits for a full minute before hearing the rock hit the bottom) That's far. (Grins like an idiot) Good thing I hover!"

    The Burning Sun: (A little agitated) "Jeez, it's hot out here!"

    A Destroyed Castle: "(Heh) Wonder what brought THAT thing down."

    The Ancient War Zone: (Thinking) "I sudder to imagine what violent battles must've taken place here."

    The pulsing floor: (Nervous) "This floor is a little too animated for my liking."

    The wall of faces: (Shuddering) "I can hear them screaming, begging to be released. (Sighs) We need to destroy Dubanisnov as quickly as possible."

    The Cuboy Snowman: (Confused) "Who found the time to build this with all these monsters hanging around?"

    The mountain view: "Woah! This is actually a pretty nice view!"

    The Ferris Wheel: (Reads the billboard.) "Wow, if their biggest attraction was an unsafe Ferris Wheel, then I can understand why this place closed down."

    The closed Tunnel of Love: (Sighs with relief) "I'm just glad Inferno isn't seeing me staring at this."

    The Merry-Go-Round: "Is it just me? Or do those horses look a little demonic?"

    The wasted landscape: "Woah! That must go on for miles!"

    An electric antanne that's functioning when it shouldn't be: "This is definitely Tufaquey's handiwork!"

    The Sun up close: "Woah!" (Suddenly looks confused) "How are my eyes still seeing?"

    The Galaxy: "This is really pretty!" (Frowns)

    The Vortex in the distance: (Looks depressed, like he has to do something he knows he'll regret.)

    The Subspace factory creating monsters: Unknown. (CLC is no longer in your party by this point.)

    Now, what would your icons response be to seeing these things?

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    • Hm it's been a while since I've heard about the RPG. If you want to come up with a character for me, I'm fine with almost anything.

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    • Well, your character is a penguin on a toboggen sled. (Like the one from avalanche)

      The characters are supposed to be based on our icons.

      So, if you were on an adventure, what little comments would you make on seeing:

      A Droplet being cooked by villagers

      Two villager kids playing kickball

      The part of the forest regernar destroyed

      Edgy purple webs

      A kraken in the distance

      A part of the cave that's so dark you can't see through it

      Shiny rainbow crystals

      Angry Sky Serpents

      Baby Dragons

      A very big drop

      the scorching sun

      A Wrecked castle

      An ancient war zone

      The fact that the floor is pulsing

      A wall of faces

      A cuboy snowman

      The mountain view

      The broken ferris wheel

      The closed tunnel of love

      The merry go round with demon horses

      The wasted landscape

      An antannae giving off strange pulses

      The sun up close

      The galaxy

      The subspace vortex in the distance

      The subspace factory creating enemies

      I thought Little things around the map that your characters make comments on would be fun.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey I came up with an idea for a game articale about an RPG where you play as the users of this wiki. I want to put you in the game as a playable character. Can I do so?

    If the answer is yes, then what 2 elements will you use?

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  • Heys, so I kinda wanna try playing some Nitrome soundracks, so can you post some sheet music for it? 

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  • Hey, I saw what you did on my Wiki. Thanks so much! I couldn't figure that infobox out for the life of me. It really means a lot! Thanks again!

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  • Hi I managed to download the file in a different way so there is no need to send it to the mail :3

    thanks a million again you are really talented. When I heard the music the first time I shed some tears and it is not allergy. I LOVE IT!!!

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    • Thanks, you're sweet. Sorry about leaving earlier; my browser crashed when I was trying to view another website and it refused to open afterwards.

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    • It is ok .I figured out that it was probably something like that.I appreciate it so much .You can't imagine how suitable it is for the concept.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can I still upload my improved entry? I'll try my best, but I might upload multiple photos

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The game consists of several feelings: anger, happiness and sadness. You control others feelings in the game so they will act differently from their regular mode.For example power ups in the game start as usual in the game as positive power ups (happiness mode). and you can change the mode and by doing that the abilities of that power up change.The game is with a sad concept but with lot's of hope,You play as a small robot platformer who doesn't have feelings can shoot other's with his rays to control their feelings.His quest is to find a mirror and using the ray on himself so he could feel too. The game ends after you finish every level of it by reaching to the end of the level and at the end you finally find the mirror and you finally have feelings. The atmosphere of the game is happy but there are sad outcomes.

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  • Berry Distracting

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  • Hi Random-storykeeper

    I just wanted to let you know that I made some changes in the characters of the game I am making:

    Three versions of the moods of the dream shooter and the head of the platformer you are playing as in the game.Let me know what you think about them

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    • Hi Random-storykeeper 

      I posted your character as I told you a few days ago in my article also wanted to let you know that in order to make the game I have to upgrade my computer for the programme I am using to make the game so the computer guy will take my computer for a few days.I hope I will be able to chat thru my tablet if not I will be in contact in a few days.


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    • Hey Ortt, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. The character looks great; your art style is reminiscent of TNY's. Also I took a look at the Wastelanders article and it looks great. I love the headphones on my character. <3

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    • Hi Random-storykeeper 

      I wanted to say that I am back with an updated computer that has Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 and I am now capable of making a game on my updated computer.I am glad you like the character .

      I am glad you like the article.



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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Random-storykeeper

    First of all thank you for uploading my article on your blog.I checked out the Blueflake Wiki and it looks great. I want to ask you if you want to cooperate with me to make a game there. We can discuss on the chat the ideas .You can make the music because I heard your music and it is great and I can make the characters and the backgrounds.Tell if you want and we can do it.

    Thanks  Ortt

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    •  can you remove them please

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    • Done.

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    • A FANDOM user
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