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Fast mouse
Attack Turning the Green Wizard to ashes
Abilities Running quickly
Health none
Points none
Game(s) Untouched

Mice are a enemy found in the game Untouched.


Mice have light brown fur that covers their head, ears, and tail. Mice wear a pink suit with a green M on it that goes over their bodies and their two feet. On top of the mouse's head is a purple helmet that has a small black pole sticking out of it. On top of the pole is a green ball. On the mouses face is a light blue eyes and at the front is a black nose. At the back of the mouse's head is two brown ears with pink insides.


A group of brown mice were sent to scout out a planet for cheese. Unfortunately, the ship crash landed near the blue wizard's castle. The mice found their way into the castle and began to eat up all the cheese. They tried to radio for their mother ship but they couldn't get out of the castle. In the end the still live in the castle feasting of cheese the Green Wizard left.

Game information

Mice will come from one side of the screen and try to walk over to the other in search of cheese. If they touch the green wizard, he will be turned into a pile of ashes do to the mice being radio active. Mice can't be killed so the green wizard has to use the up arrow key to jump over them. At certain levels mice will move faster.