Greetings, <insert name here>! It's me, Mixlix. As you know, it's october. And october means OKTOBERFE... No, i am kidding. It means halloween. And to celebrate the time of spooky scary skeletons, i present for you an HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Well, get started below.

The Event

This will be like an art contest, as my friend Ortt did one. But this is different. Well, the contest works like this: to participate, comment that you will participate (i don't accept random comments as request). So, you'll be able to publish an Halloween-themed art of nitrome or our wiki (the nitrome wiki and the fanfiction) (I prefer it to be about our wiki). You'll be able to ask for participation until October 12, and the arts will begin. The last day for publishing your art is at October 30. And finally, at the halloween (October 31), i will publish the results. The reward is a trophy made by me and the most important, the appreciation of the arts. Good luck!

How to publish your art

Well, I want this to be organized. So i want only one art per participant. The place where your art will appear is on "The Arts" tab (heading). Every participant will make a secondary heading (third heading on classic edit mode) in bold with underline with their names. Below, it will be the description of the art, and the art itself. Please, make medium sized images, because big things will consume much space and i really don't want that. And, do not publish an offensive art. This is a contest, not a fight. And obviously, have fun!

The Arts


For halloween

Welp,this is my art.This "thing" is the ditto girl and the vampire hunter going trick-or-treating (I SHIP IT).IIt might be bad,but I like the way the vampire hunter came out.The vampire hunter is basicly kill-or-treating,and the ditto girl is cute-or-treating (IDK what that means).It might also be a bit empty on the grass and sky,but hey.ALSO MOON!

Mixlix's Opinion: Nice job, sir! It sounds amazing! Nice shading you did there too. Anyway, very good job!



Here's my picture! It's a Twin Shot Angel fused with a Pumpkaboo! They look really similar, so I decided to make this. In addition, The Moon from Cheese Dreams is in the upper left corner. Hope you like this! :3

Mixlix's Opinion: Awesome! It god very good. i like the way it's dark and a "funny" evil, hehe. nice job!

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