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Mixlix Corporation Inc. Towers
Mixlix Corporation Inc.
Ruler Mixlix
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Robots
Status Working in new games
Game Mixlix's base, Sys.tem, many cameos

Mixlix Corporation Inc. Towers is the fictionary place where Mixlix Corp Inc. is applycated. Also, it makes some cameos on Mixlix's games, also it is the base for Sys.tem, and a upcoming project.


It is a tower, very similiar to MewTube from Oodlegobs, appears as a large grey rectangular building with many blue windows on all sides. On the front of the building is a giant screen with the Mixlix logo beneath it. This screen occasionally plays videos of gameplay from Mixlix's games.

General Information

Mixlix Corporation Inc. Towers appear as the base for Sys.tem, helping the Sys.tem Robot to destroy the player, with traps and missles, and also the Sys.tem is the hearth of the Tower. After the Sys.tem is destroyed, the tower returns to normal and Mixlix is released. Now, with Mixlix as the Boss, the tower is the base of Mixlix Corporation Inc. Towers. The tower also appear in some cameos, like the scenery in The Next Ninja, which one the tower do appear.


Boss: Mixlix // Managers: AC4E and Klemen702 // Supervisors: Strplumboder


  • The M.I.C. Towers seens to be evil, because the Sys.tem is the hearth and ruler of the tower.
    • When the Sys.tem is destroyed, the tower still working, but now very diferent.
  • During rainy days, the tower does not work.
  • On Sys.tem, the tower have only one robot, but there are many robots inside the tower.

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