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Gender Male
Species Fish?
Faction Evil, Most Likely
Health none
Level None?
Status Plotting
Game(s) Super Fishtopia

Mr.Fishiez is one of CandD's pets. He is some weird kind of fish creature that seems to be plotting against the world.


Mr.Fishiez has a family as well; with his wife Mrs.Fishiez, formerly called Wilma, and one fry. He lives in a small fishbowl secluded from his family in the same tank, which lives in the fish castle.

It is unknown exactly what kind of fish or strange alien they are, their owner found them in a strange ball capsule along the side of the beach one day.

Evil Intentions:

It is unknown exactly what he is or where he came from as well as what he looks to be thinking about. He may possibly be plotting for global domination, or an evil on the lesser scale such as destroying his owner.

Besides that, he has hopes of destroying the sanctum of Insaniquarium and Myrriel's Fish Imporium. On the fact the he believes all mermaids are evil because they inslave all of fish-dom kind. Secretly, he works behind the scenes of Cyrax's invasion of fishdom, he was the inventor of the Mini-Sylvester and Destructor.

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