Mr. E. Vill








Using Giant Robotic Suits




Gang Lord



This boss was thought up by Plasmaster. If you want to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


Mr. E. Vill appears on level 20 of the game Pyrokinesis. He is a pale man with balding brown hair and a brown moustache. He appears wearing a brown trench coat, a black turtleneck sweater underneath it, and leather black pants. He is seen carrying a brown cane tipped with a gold ball.


Mr. E. Vill is very good with technology, as during the boss fight, he rides in a giant robotic suit. When the boss battle begins, he will climb into the suit and begin his attack. His suit will fire lasers at the player. The lasers can be avoided by getting behind a wall that will block the laser. After firing the laser, he will walk around the room a bit, randomly firing bullets. After twenty seconds of this, he will stop. The suit will leap into the air, the legs spinning like a helicopter. He will fly around dropping bombs onto the stage. After he drops ten bombs, he will land. Then he will summon two Brutes to fight Plasmaster. To defeat Mr. E. Vill, you must hit him with fireballs fifty times. This is quite easy to do as it does not matter where he is hit, as long as a fireball touches him. He will repeat his attack cycle until killed.

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