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Mutiny 2




Game Type:

Main Game







Mutiny 2 is a platformer main game started up by The Nitrome Yeti. The game is a sequel of the game Mutiny by Nitrome and has 20 levels counting a boss fight at the last level. In the game there will be lots of cameos from Nitrome games including (as known until now) the man in the yellow suit from Toxic and Lockehorn.


As seen in the intro of Mutiny 2:

"In a long past, the pirates had fought ladies, sea monsters, fish, skulls and even a zombie. Many years passed in which nothing was heard about those pirates... untill now. The pirates had come older, with grey beards.

Under the threats of the kraken, they had to fight through 20 more islands to complete their journey back home and become the leaders of the High Seas. Will the pirates be able to get back home and lead the High Seas?"


The game will have 20 levels which include cameos from other games and probably new characters.

This section is still incomplete. The sub sections and sections may be continued soon.

Level 1

The pirates have to fight men in yellow suit.

Mutiny2 E 1

Level 2

The pirates have to fight Lockehorn and his tribe.

Mutiny2 E 2

Level 3

The pirates have to fight a group of green slimes (the ones from Swindler).

Mutiny2 E 3

Level 4

The pirates have to fight against several cuboys in this level.

Mutiny2 E 4

Level 5

The pirates have to fight against Hot Air balloons.

Mutiny2 E 5

Level 6

The pirates have to destroy several Takeshies.

Level 7

The pirates have to fight several Gunbricks.


Level 8

In this level you have to face the Grey Creatures from Rainbogeddon.

Mutiny2 E 8

Level 9

Blue from the Test Subject Series is featured in this level. He is body-guarded by some of the Green Enzymes. They are all smaller than the usual enemy.

Mutiny2 E 9

Level 10

In level 10, the pirates have to destroy their first boss: The angry heads. They appear alone in the level and are able to use any weapon, except for the Atom Bomb and the Goo Boulder.

Mutiny2 E 10
Angry Heads in their second version.

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15

Level 16

Level 17

Level 18

Level 19

Level 20

It's the pirates's final challenge, in wich they have to fight the Kraken.

Mutiny2 E 20Kraken


The Apple

The apple is thrown and then it bounces once, before continuously rolling until it his a wall or player, where it explodes.


Goo Boulder

Goo boulders will take the characters with them if they rolls over the character.

Goo Boulder

Atom Bomb

Atom bombs will twinkle, once they stopped in the land they were thrown in. When exploding, they will cause a big boom in the stage, destroying grounds and most of the players standing around the area. They're the most dangerous hazards in the game.

Mutiny 2 W 3

The bomb

Enzyme Bullet

Enzyme Bullets can only be used once the Blue and Green Eznymes have been defeated. It has Medium damage.


Teleport Gun

When firing the teleport gun, you fire 2 Pirate Ninjas. They hold out guns with laserbeams that when jumped through teleports the pirate to the other Ninja.

Teleport gun




  • The sequel only includes characters from nitrome games, except for the Kraken.