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Mutiny spin off Logo

Mutiny spin off icon



Game Type:

Main Game




MTV Arcade - Daily 1st Place


Mouse - Perform Actions


Previous Sequel:Mutiny 2 Previous Real Game: Mutiny

Mutiny Spin Off Is A Strategy Game Started By Magnavox Oddysey Fan.

The Player Controls Yellow Pirates That Fight By Some Nitrome Characters Including Masked Robots' Tiny Feet,

Red Trolls,Karate Clans And 8-Bit Spiders.

Mutiny spin off menu

The Menu

Sky Blue Pirate

A Pirate


Level 1

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Right Eyes 


Level 2

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Ribbits

Ribbit (Character)

Level 3

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Racers

Pink Racer2

Level 4

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Good Takeshies And Evil Takeshies


Level 5

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Masked Robots' Severed Feet

Robot Foot

Level 6

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Red Trolls

Red Troll

Level 7

The Pirates Have To Fight Against 8-Bit Spiders

8-Bit Spider

Level 8

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Karate Clans

Karate Clan

Level 9

The Pirates Have To Fight Against Cloned Bosses From Rubble Trouble Series.

RT Boss

Level 10 (Final)

The Pirates Have To Fight Against The King Shroom

King Shroom


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After defeating the King Shroom, they appear in their boat with some treasure chests and a lot of money. They say: Captain: Aagh, ahoy mateys! That be too easy. Them bunch or lilly livred land lubbers never stood a chance. We be both filthy and rich now. Nothing be standing in our way. Yo ho ho... Pirate: Aye, that be true. Unless we be bumping into the clan that is? Captain: clan... What clan? Pirate: Yearrrgh... I think he be on about the upcoming game capitain! Captain: ...what game?

Trivia/Cultural References

  • The 8-bit Spiders Are Based Off The Aliens From Space Invaders,Also Are Based Off Ocho From The Amazing World Of Gumball
  • When King Shroom Is Defeated And His Defeaded Phase Resembles A Dark Green Cloud Is A Reference To Bonmucho From Locoroco Series Of Games,Bonmucho Also When Is Defeated The Defeated Phase Resembles A Black Cloud
  • The Red Troll Is Possibly Evil Because Of The Wanted Posters Sticked On The Platforms That Red Troll Appears On It,The Red Troll Is Possibly An Anti-Hero Or A Criminal Because Of He Has Escaped From The Monster Jail
  • The Karate Clans Were Inspired From The Slider Of Icebreaker A Viking Voyage When The Clan Uses His Hammer To Smashing Ice Cubes.
  • The Mutiny Series Are Based Off The Worms Series Of Games.

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