What is this a parody of????

Believe it or not, this song is a parody of My Little Pony's G3 theme. Unlike the previous My Little Wiki theme, this one showcases the main six as follows in the song. Though this parodies the G3 song, NMD is magic is an NMD Fanfiction version of MLP:FIM. Sowwy, I couldn't get a G3 singalong, so here's the G3.5 one!

File:MLP G3.5 Intro Instrumental Karaoke

My Little Wiki (x2)

Every Day on here's beautiful!

My Little Wiki (x2)

6 cute guys from vill of null!

First it was nothing, then it was something...

Their adventures never end!

My Little Wiki!


They are really good friends!

WAC & NB: But don't forget! We're evil!!!!

HC: Shh! My part's coming on now :D

Now Holy Carter can grant your wish; a small piece of caek to a really big fish!

Bennet can make some really good hats...

But don't forget that he's allergic to cats!

Bennet: Arr! That be true :D

Enda likes to devour birdseed...

Austin loves to go at really high speeds!

While Ave likes to tend to animals by the lake...

Justin likes to devour a lot of caek!

My Little Wiki!


They are really good friends!

Everyone: Yay!

Bennet: Achoo!

Bennet's cat: Mew!

HC: Bless you.

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