This is a collaborative article for an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by AustinCarter4Ever and Plasmaster. If you would like to edit this article or would like to collaborate with us, please leave a message asking for permission.


In this online multiplayer game, payers will take on the roles of either dissatisfied Nitrome fans like Austin and Justin, or the loyal employees of Nitrome Towers. Players will play through many different game modes in which the two groups clash over control of Nitrome Towers.


W, A, S, D- Movement

Shift- Jump

Left Click- Primary Attack

Scroll Click- First Ability

Right Click- Second Ability

Space Bar- Third Ability

Q- Action

1- First Taunt

2- Second Taunt

3- Third Taunt


(to be added later)


(to be added later)


(to be added later)


(to be added later)

Special Items

(to be added later)

Customizable Items

(to be added later)


(to be added later)


(to be added later)


(to be added later)

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