You, the player, are sucked in from your computer and into the Nitromian(Nitrome) Land but it's a little different then you expected. Instead of it being all colorful and happy, you find yourself in the medieval times were the Nitromians are being attacked by your worst fear... a virus in your computer.

The virus starts corrupting Nitromian characters. You, the player, have to stop the virus before it corrupts because if it does, you'll never be able to play Nitrome games again.


NMO is a RPG(role-playing game). At the beginning of the game you get to choose a class. You can choose from Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Nerd(Hacker). You first start off in the main hub which is Nitrome Towers. You can buy (with in game money) weapons, armor, etc. There's also lots and lots of sidequests to be done.

Through out the game, people online and Nitromian characters (people online have nothing to do with the storyline but Nitromian characters do) join your party.


The stats are graphed from 1-5, 1 being worst and 5 being best.

Warrior's stats- Best strength(5). Medium defense(3). Worst range(1) and speed(1). Special- Speeding Blade. Increases speed by 5. Time Limit: 1:00

Rogue's stats- Best speed(5). Medium defense(3) and range(3). Worst strength(1). Special- Dagger Rain. Daggers rain in the area around you hurting every enemy. Time Limit: 3 seconds

Mage's stats- Best range(5). Medium strength(3) and speed(3). Worst defense(1). Special- n/a

Nerd(Hacker)'s stats- Good defense(4). Medium range(3). Slow(2) and Weak(2). Special- n/a

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