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Exactly like how AC4E did it, but Winner paid 500 bucks for the copyright and now he makes this! It is a spoof of Pokemon Gen. 1 and your very own Nitromians! If you don't know the plot of Pokemon, it is a RPG where you have to catch Pokemon and use them to fight other trainers blahblahblahblah go here

Current Team

  1. -Bulbasaur (Grass)
  2. -Nothing unusual here.
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -

Encountered Pokemon

All Pokemon


Ep. 1

After getting his starter pokemon, Red ventured out to catch a Pokemon, but Winner appears and corrupts his pokedex as soon as the data starts uploading onto it. In black and white because AC4E is a lazy fatty bum.

Ep. 2

Moving on, Red encounters Carter, who pesters him all the way along the route.

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