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We all know what happened to Neko, the fat cat from Fat Cat. He fell off Big Cat, befriended Owl and together they defeated the three evil kings and their minions and returned home to Big Cat. But there were three other cats riding on Big Cat, Neko's brothers. What are their stories? Well, you can read about them here.


Neko's brothers are just like him--heavyweight, pink with long tails, whiskers, and triangular ears. But unlike Neko, they have different powers.


Katze is the outgoing, wild party animal of the group. He loves parties, corn chips, tacos, fireworks, and loud music. When he eats tacos, it unlocks his power, just like Neko's is unlocked by eating cake.

While Neko has the Mega Laser, Katze has the ability to control laws of physics such as gravity, momentum, and friction and can also absorb energy and then channel the energy into heat waves. Like Neko, he can also fly.


Gato is the quiet, reserved, geeky member of the group. He enjoys books, reading, video games, classical music, tea, and mac-n-cheese. When he eats mac-n-cheese or drinks tea, it unlocks his power. He wears glasses.

Gato has the ability to control ice and cold. He can freeze things, shoot ice rays from his eyes, move snow and ice with his mind, lower temperatures, create blizzards, create weapons out of ice, and fly.


Popoki is the optimistic, cheerful, compassionate member of the group. He always cheers on his friends. He enjoys sports, chocolate milk, burgers, movies, and art. When he drinks chocolate milk or eats burgers, he unlocks his power.

Popoki has super strength and the ability to teleport. Like his brothers, he can also fly.


While Neko was missing after falling off Big Cat, his brothers realized he was gone after getting home and went out to search for him.

Katze searched through the desert and volcanic mountains and fought several powerful enemies and the evil King Chien.

Gato searched the oceans and polar ice caps and fought the evil King Cane and his minions.

Popoki searched the jungles and caves and fought the evil King Madra and his army.

None of them found him and they all went home, sad that they weren't able to find him. That quickly changed when they returned home to find Neko and Owl waiting for them, having defeated King Meka, Cacta, and Shroom.


Each of the cats has their own game. Katze's game is Party Cat, Gato's game is Nerdy Cat, and Popoki's game is Cheery Cat.


  • Neko is Japanese for cat.
  • Katze is German for cat.
  • Gato is Spanish for cat.
  • Popoki is Hawaiian for cat.
  • Chien is French for dog.
  • Cane is Italian for dog.
  • Madra is Irish for dog.