Nitrome: The Movie was a short movie based around various Nitrome characters. It was created by YouTube user Maciej (or MrRexTV1) and was released on September 3rd, 2009.

Main Characters


NOTE: All grammatical errors have been corrected in this transcript of the original video. Dialogue may be slightly altered at times.

  • John: Hi, i'm John, and I am going to tell you the story about me and my friends Bob, Chomp, Neville, and the Scratch Cat. This story took place about 2 years ago, in the land of Nitrome. We were just leaving school at time, until things took a turn for the worse. Please click on the right arrow in the corner to continue during speech, and just put your feet up during animations. Please try the button to begin.

(After the button is clicked, the credits roll)

nitromefan1 and Nitrome present...

An all new motion picture event, taking you to the Flash Pixel planet Earth...

Nitrome: The Movie

(The screen cuts to John and his friends)

  • Bob: I'm bored.
  • Neville: That's a thing, let's get some ice cream.
  • Scratch: Hold that thought a sec, who's that venus fly trap?
  • Chomp: Me, huh?
  • Scratch: It can talk?!
  • Neville: Yes, this is, not
  • John: You must mean the Scratch Cat. Isn't Nitrome obsessed with cats? I mean they've released Fat Cat, Flash Cat, there's even a cat in Gift Wrapped! ...Anyway, let's eat some ice cream. Maybe take a ride on the Skywire?
  • Bob: The Skywire is over-crowded with birds... wouldn't be very pleasant. Just the ice cream...

(Bob, Neville, Scratch, and Chomp get in a mine cart, leaving John behind)

  • John: Wait for meee! Never mind, i'll just take my balloon home...

(John's crush, Liz walks into her balloon, getting John's attention)

  • John: Wait up, Liz!

(The screen cuts to John's four friends in the mine cart)

  • Scratch: Has anyone seen John?
  • Neville: Oh look, there he is! Who's that other balloon?
  • Bob: That's not our focus right now. Look, ice cream!

(Later that night...)

  • John: Ooh...
  • Chomp: Did you go out with any other balloons lately?
  • John: Well, erm...
  • Chomp: Tell us...
  • John: The thing is...
  • Chomp: Don't be shy, mouse.

(Just then, the S.S. Squeakstar comes by, swallowing the Moon)

  • Bob: Holy knickers! What was that thing?
  • John: Well, yes is the answer, but Nitrome has been invaded and everyone has been kidnapped! And we are the survivors...

(Somebody's phone rings)

  • Scratch: Oh, it's my phone!

(Scratch talks on his phone)

  • Scratch: Hi mum. Yes, i'm in Nitrome City and it rocks. Huh. Alright, bye...

(Scratch puts his phone down)

  • Scratch: I've got a driving license!
  • Bob: Well, we better make a move if we must save all the Nitrome populations.