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Nitrome is a game with many levels and adventures. The game is named after Nitrome.

Playable Characters



Smoke Locusts


1. Giant Evil Slime

2. Dancing Zombie King

3. Firebatter

4. Penguin Raider

5. Midas's Genie

6. Doomsday Magneboy

7. Ladie

8. Giga-Flytrap

9. Unknown Cube Boy

10. Nitrome Boss in Humongus Meteor

Final Boss:


Levels 1-100

World 1 is a grassy terrian with lots of trees, and even a playground on some levels.

Levels 101-200

World 2 is a field at night, with buildings, races, and a night club.

Levels 201-300

World 3 is in the sky as clouds and mountains are featured.

Levels 301-400

World 4 is an ocean with islands and even ice.

Levels 401-500

World 5 is a town with castles and huts.

Levels 501-600

World 6 is a factory with magnets, pipes, and toxic material.

Levels 601-700

World 7 is a fancy mall with a casino and a giant beauty padgent.

Levels 701-800

World 8 is a dome in space with lots of spaceships and strange plants.

Levels 801-900

World 9 is a steel fortress with lasers and lots of traps.

Levels 901-1000

World 10 is a giant volcano.

Level 1000

The Final World is a giant battlefield, featuring enemies and the final boss.

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