Nitrome Adventures

Game Type

3D Action Adventure



This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


An explosion at Nitrome Towers has released an army of Nitrome enemies that are terrorizing large cities across the world. Only a band of Nitrome heroes can save the world from invasion.


Arrow Keys or W, A, S, D- Forwards, Backwards, Turning Left and Right

Space Bar- Jump, hit twice for double jump

G- Light attack

H- Heavy Attack

J- Special Ability

Number Keys 1-6- Toggle between character roster


This is a list of characters in Nitrome Adventures. Before beginning a level, a menu showing the list of selectable characters is displayed. Six characters will go through that level, but only one will actually be controlled. When you come to a point where a certain character is needed, the Number 1-6 keys are needed to toggle which character you are controlling. Four of these characters will be required for you to take on the level with you. Two of the characters are your choice to bring.

Austin Carter

Special Ability- ranged attack

Justin Bennet

Special Ability- wide ranged attack

Right Eye

Specail Ability- can see colorful platforms that are invisible to other characters


Special Ability- can wall jump


Special Ability- can grapple higher platforms

J-J-Jump Hero

Special Ability- can jump five times

Canary 214-LE

Special Ability- can glide with jetpack

Blue in Rex209

Special Ability- can walk on ceilings


Special Ability- can swing across pits

Hazmat Hero

Special Ability- can lay bombs to destroy destructable walls


Special Ability- can move metal platforms and metal objects


Special Ability- can lift heavy objects


Special Ability- can use trampoline to bounce higher


Special Ability- can use Fault Line abilities on purple walls and floors

Jack Frost

Special Ability- can freeze enemies


Special Ability- can teleport

Rush Runner

Special Ability- can run extremely fast


These are enemies encountered in Nitrome Adventures.

Orange Nose Enemies

Green Lizard (Jack Frost)

Red Dragon (Jack Frost)

Pink Dragon (Jack Frost)

Purple Dragon (Jack Frost)

All Green Enzyme Types

All Orange Enzyme Types (except Dodge and Shield)

Cyber Guards

Cyber Samurais

Mercenaries (Test Subject Series)

All Aliens from Canary (except Alien Missiles, Turtles, Drill Headed Squids, Metal Alien Boxes, and Liquid Droppers)

Archers (Worm Food)

Dark Creatures

Berserker Dark Creatures

Alien Saucers (Bullethead)

Alien Gunships (Bullethead)

All Enemies from Dirk Valentine (except Gaspoids)

Henchmen (Enemy 585)

Gobbers (Parasite)

Brute Bears (Parasite)

All Enemies from Double Edged

SWAT Units (Final Ninja Zero)

All Twin Shot Enemies

Simian Units (Final Ninja Zero)


There are ten bosses in Nitrome Adventures. Below is a list of them:

  1. The Machine
  2. Nitrome Boss in Cubot
  3. Volcanic Sky Serpent
  4. Minotaur
  5. Pirate Cloud
  6. Mother
  7. Mechasaur
  8. Maxwell Merlock
  9. Defense Robot Omega
  10. Parasite controlling The Behemoth