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Nitrome ES Remix, is a remix of all the Nitrome ES Games with challenges. At the start you have only Remix 1 but as you progress you will get other games. You could also get stamps after reciving a certain amount of points. There would be 25 stamps


Games would be unlocked after completing certain challenges. Games would have a certain amount of stages

  • Pixel Pop Stages: 7
  • Super Treadmill Stages: ???
  • The Bucket Stages: 10
  • Silly Sausage Stages: ???
  • Mega Mash Stages: ???


  • Remix 1 Stages: 20
  • Remix 2 Stages: 25
  • Bonus Stages: 25


  • Super Treadmill and Silly Sausage, Unlocked after beating Stage 1 of Remix 1



Stamps would be unlocked after getting a certain amount of points. They would be used in white boxes that you can put them on. There would be 25 total stamps.

  1. Billy From Super Treadmill Points required: 250
  2. Fluffykins from Mega Mash Points required: 500


Stars would be gotten after you complete a stage, you can get 3 stars total and even a rainbow if you do good enough. Stars will depend on the time. Stars are used to unlocked Stages


Stages would be playable when getting a certain amount of stars. Multiple stages have 2 or more levels

Remix 1:

Stage 1: 1-1 Super Treadmill: Challenge: Jump over the TV's Time limit: 50 seconds. Lifes: 3

Remix 2:




Pixel Pop:


Super Treadmill:


The Bucket:


Silly Sausage:

Stage 1:  1-1: Collect the Red Gems. 1-2: (new layout) Collect the Yellow Gems. 1-3: (new layout) Collect the Blue Gems. 1-4: (new layout) Go to the finish blocks! Time limit: 50 seconds. Lifes: 3

Mega Mash:



  • Nitrome ES Remix is based of NES Remix for the Nintendo Wii U

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