Writers must not include sexual content or sexual references, racist content, swearing, or incredibly violent content in their story (violent content as in mass murders and incredibly gory battles). They are allowed to include mentions of blood, though. Game information (in the context of games) should not have content that some may find inappropriate. This also goes for stories.

Users must not also post or write about sexual content or sexual references, racist content, or swearing outside of stories, such as in the userspace (that is, content that has User: in it). Content a user can't talk about will be punished the same as if they wrote it in a story.

  • All swearing is banned. Whether it be swearing to prove a point, to show how much one thinks about something, or for insulting users. This rule applies for everything across the Wiki, talk pages, mainspace articles, and Chat. Images with swear words in them are also subject to these rules.
    • Misspelling swear words, having the first or last letter followed by symbols, using foreign letters to spell swear words, replacing letters with a symbol, all count as swearing.
  • If a user swears, the swear word(s) will be blanked out by an admin by replacing all letters with a symbol.
  • If a user does swear, the word will be dealt with as mentioned above, and the writer of the message will be warned. If they have to be warned three times, on the fourth they will be blocked for 2 weeks. When there block expires, if they do swear again, they will be blocked again, but double the duration of the previous block. For further blocks, the user is blocked for double the duration of the previous block.
  • Along with Swear Words, Crap and Hell and insults worse than those insults are also banned. Users will be warned for using those words, but will not receive blocks as long as if they do not swear. All the same rules for swearing apply for insults these.

Crude content

If a page is created that contains crude (gross) content, then Template:Crude Words should be placed at the top of the page.

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