The Nitrome Fan Medley is a compilation of Nitrome music tracks played in a piano arrangement. It was featured on the Nitrome blog in July.


The music was played by ear on an upright piano. It was typically easier to start out with playing the basic melody, then interpreting the chords after. Once practised to satisfaction, they would be recorded on a digital camera as a continuous shot.

Many of the tracks learned for these videos were accumulated over a longer period of time than it did to make it. For instance, the game music to Thin Ice was the very first track Random-storykeeper could play decently on the piano with chords, and it was that original version of it she kept.


These are two videos that were released.

Nitrome Fan Medley

The first video was released in the summer of 2011. Six Nitrome tracks were included, five by current Nitrome composer Dave Cowen and one by Lee Nicklen.

Tracks included were:

  1. Super Treadmill (title)
  2. Blast RPG (shop)
  3. Twin Shot (title)
  4. Twin Shot (game)
  5. Thin Ice (game)
  6. Silly Sausage (title)
Nitrome Fan Medley

Nitrome Fan Medley

Nitrome Fan Medley 2

A month and nine days later after the release of the first video, Random-storykeeper released another video with six more Nitrome tracks in one continuous play.

The tracks included in this medley were:

  1. Roly Poly (game)
  2. Skywire (game)
  3. Small Fry (game)
  4. Mallet Mania (title)
  5. Mallet Mania (game)
  6. Yin Yang (title)
Nitrome Fan Medley 2

Nitrome Fan Medley 2

Nitrome Fan Medley: Winter Edition

Nitrome Fan Medley: Winter Edition aka Nitrome Fan Medley 3 was released on December 20, 2012. The audio was also uploaded to SoundCloud on December 17, 2012. Unlike the previous videos, Nitrome Fan Medley 3 was taken in one continuous shot, and combined tunes from various Nitrome winter games.

Tracks included were from:

  1. Snow Drift (title)
  2. Icebreaker
  3. Frost Bite
  4. Thin Ice (title)
  5. Rush (title)
  6. Lockehorn (title)
  7. Cold Storage (title)
  8. Bad Ice-Cream series (game)
  9. Jack Frost (game)


A teaser of Nitrome Fan Medley was launched on December 19, 2011. The video featured a snippet of the in-game to Snow Drift.

WIP Nitrome Fan Medley 3-0

WIP Nitrome Fan Medley 3-0