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Nitrome Fortress is a not official nitrome game based on Team Fortress 2. Nitrome Fortress is a team fight flash game.


There are 9 classes. 3 offensive, 3 defensive and 3 supportive.

Class Especialization Based on Role Appearence
Austin Fast Movement Scout Artilery (AT) -
Valentine Powerful Damage Soldier Artilery (AT) -
Warlock Ambushing and Reflecting Pyro Artilery (DF) -
Pirate Explosive Damage Demoman Artilery (BT) -
Gladiator Large Health and Intense Damage Heavy Artilery (BT) -
Engineer Building Utilities Engineer Support (CP) -
Professor Healing Allies Medic Support -
Angel Sniping for long distances Sniper Assasination (CP) -
Takeshi Spying into enemy's base Spy Assasination -

Artielry are the classes that are considered fighting classes, usually the msot important part of the team. Most of them have very strong damage and life.

AT means attack, the offensive classes. DF means defense, and BT is that the class is useful for both. CP means camping, defensive and stealthy.

Support are the classes that focus on helping other classes, like healing or offering ammunition. They have less combat skill, but they are very different from others, such as building things and regenerate.

Assasination are classes that can kill msotly with only one shot without being noted. But this makes them very poor when noticed.



There are 2 teams: Blue and Orange. Depending the team you are, your class outfit will change to the team's color (for examble, a Blue team professor will have blue enzyme core and outfit / weapon details). Blue team if the attacking team and Orange will defend. The Blue team has 5 seconds waiting time for respawn, and Orange team has 10 seconds.


The game occurs in a castle, the Nitrome Castle. The Blue spawn is at barracks in front of the castle, and the Orange spawn is at the castle keep. The first capture point is located at the middle of the caslte's maze. The second capture point is located at the castle keep (in front of orange's spawn).


The Blue team will attack the Orange team by advancing through the castle. If Blue captures all the capture points at time, Blue team wins. If Orange defends untill the time ends, Orange team wins. Each round has 5 minutes of duaration. If Blue captures the first capture point, 4 minutes will be added to the round time and the capture point will work as checkpoint.


Computer Touchy Movement
W and S ↑ and ↓ buttons Move Up and move Down
A and D ← and → buttons Move Right and move Left
Spacebar Jump Button Jump
1, 2 and 3 Weapon Button Select Weapon
G or T Taunt Button Do taunt
E Medic Button Ask for Medic (Professor)
Q Swipe Button Swipe to last used Weapon


  • Team Fortress 2 has many maps and different styles of gameplay, however, Nitrome Fortress has only one.
  • Nitrome Fortress cant be played online and with friend, instead of Team Fortress 2.
  • In Team Fortress, the teams are Blu and Red, but in Nitrome Fortress they are Blue and Orange.
    • This because of the Test Subject series.
    • However, Blue has the same role as the Blu team on the Attack / Defense mode, and Orange has the same role as Red.
  • Team Fortress 2 is a game with 3D graphics, but Nitrome Fortress has 2D graphics, but in a 3D style.

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