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Nitrome Must Die 2

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Game Type:



Shoot 'em Up, Platformer, Arena


Controls can be changed


Nitrome Must Die


Sequel to Nitrome's 100th Game

Nitrome Must Die 2 is the sequel to Nitrome Must Die. It is a platform-shooter. The game stars the four characters Winged (Austin) Carter, Ninja (Justin) Bennet, Carter Austin, and Bennet Justin. It was made by Nitromians and Nitrome Wikians Austincarter4ever and TinyCastleGuy. Some of the other Wikians helped make the artwork.

Default Controls

Player 1:

Up: W

Down: S

Left: A

Right: D

Shoot: Q

Player 2:

Up: Up Arrow

Down: Down Arrow

Left: Left Arrow

Right: Right Arrow

Shoot: /

Player 3:

Player 4:

Players can change their controls by clicking a control and changing it in the player selection screen.


In Nitrome Must Die 2, there are 10 level sets. Each level set has 10 levels, the 3rd and 6th which are Challenge Levels, and the 10th, which is a boss level. The levels in between those levels are usual levels, where the player has to eliminate all enemies to advance. The goal of each level is to kill every enemy on the level that will appear, using several weapons that appear on the screen to their advantage.

Although the four are cooperating, there is a competition for the coins, like in all the multiplayer games. When playing in the multiplayer mode, if one of the players is knocked out, a live player can resurrect the dead one by standing beside them and pressing the down button on their keyboard. As it is the sequel to the 100th Nitrome game, the levels' enemies and bosses - as some of the weapons - recall older Nitrome games after the first Nitrome Must Die.


There are 100 levels in Nitrome Must Die:

  • 70 'normal' levels
  • 20 'challenge' levels
  • 9 boss fights (not including the final boss)
  • 1 boss level (100) fighting the Businesswoman of Nitrome Towers, the final boss

Challenge Levels

In challenge levels, the main objective to kill all the enemies in the level remains. The difference between challenge and normal levels is that the player has an infinite supply of one type of weapon. The player must take advantage of that weapon to kill the enemies. After the challenge level is completed, the player regains the same weapon and ammo from the previous level.


Austin Carter is playing Nitrome Must Die on his website on his computer. He checks the comments on Facebook and notices a Nitromian left a comment saying "Nitrome's games are WAY better." Austin goes onto the chat on Nitrome Wiki. Justin Bennet is there. Austin types "Nitrome is outdoing us and they have way more fans. We need to make Bestgames Co. more popular." "You mean..." Justin typed. "Yes, Nitrome Must Die returns." Austin replied. Afterwards, Carter Austin and Bennet Justin come on chat. "Carter, Bennet, help us with our new Nitrome Must Die plan." Justin typed. "No way!" Carter typed. "We love Nitrome!" Added Bennet. Just then, a Snow Spirit came into Austin's apartment room. Austin grabbed his gun and shot the enemy. "Nitrome just sent an enemy into my home!" They all typed at the same time with much fear. "I guess we have no choice but to defend ourselves, Carter." Bennet typed. "Oh alright, but I'm not gonna be happy about it." Carter typed." "Great, see you guys at Nitrome Towers." Justin typed. Austin typed "NITROME MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!111" afterward, he slammed on his keyboard. He exited chat and turned off his computer. He ran out of the apartment, grabbed his bike, and pedaled off, the others behind him on their bikes. They stopped at Nitrome Towers, where Enda, Ave, Ally Curls, Curly Alls, Justice Bender, Beatrice Jumper, Ember, and Dave were waiting for them. Enda and Ave flew all the way up Nitrome Towers quickly, and then speeded down again. The girls grabbed their guns and sprayed the bottom floor's exterior making the words Nitrome Must Die. Then the boys made "2" with their guns and went in the door to Nitrome Towers.


Floor Zero acts as the second intro to the game. Austin, Justin, Carter, and Bennet enter Nitrome Towers. Austin sprouts his wings, and Justin gets his ninja suit on. At the same time, Carter puts on an overcoat and adds black makeup to his face; he then ties a band to his head in the shape of a "C". In a silent rage, Bennet tears his shirt and ties his scarf to his head; he also applies black makeup. They enter an elevator. An Employee sees them, and uses a Charomat to bring back Nitrome characters from Nitrome's past games. (100-200.)

(NOTE: All levels ending in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 are played in random order. The order those levels described in each set will likely not match the order you play them in)

Level Set 1: 1-10


Enemies: 5 Snow Spirits




Enemies: 8 Goats, 6


Enemies: 3 Employees (Pistol)






Level Set 2: 11-20





Weapon: Fish



Enemies: 3 Employees






Boss: Giant Spike Ball

Level Set 3: 21-30






Enemies: Employee, 2 Emberployees






Level Set 4: 31-40


Enemies: Employee, 2 Hyperworkers

Level Set 5: 41-50


Enemies: Employee, Emberployee, Hyperworker


Boss: Under-Dweller and

Level Set 6: 51-60


Enemies: 2 Emberployees, Hyperworker

Level Set 7: 61-70


Enemies: Emberployee, 2 Hyperworkers

Level Set 8: 71-80


Enemies: 3 Employees

Level Set 9: 81-90


Enemies: 3 Emberployees

Level Set 10: 91-100


Enemies: 3 Hyperworkers



Gun: Anime

BOSS (Nitrome Businesswoman Fight)



First Phase: Nitrome Businesswoman (Nitrome)

Second Phase: Nitrome Businesswoman, 3 Employees

Last Phase: Nitrome Businesswoman, Employee, Emberployee, Hyperworker


Boss: Nitrome Businesswoman in Giant Icon

Rooftop to 0

Boss: Nitrome Businesswoman in Giant Ball Robot


Depending on how many people were playing, that number falls down with the Nitrome Businesswoman to the ground. (Anybody who wasn't playing is on the ground.) The girls, birds, and even Austincarter4ever and TinyCastleGuy were waiting for them there. Just as the Businesswoman was about to get up, the Guardian of Heaven and the Guardian of Evil rise down from the sky and up from the ground and join forces. They summon the letters N, I, T, R, O, M, and E stacked up. The Nitrome Businesswoman tries to hold the letters up, but they squash her, causing four piles of money to land on Winged Carter, Ninja Bennet, Carter Austin, and Bennet Justin. The Guardians float down to the ground next to TCG. The girls grab the boys and they kiss. Ally kisses Austin, but Ac4ever gets angry and steals him from her. Justin kisses Justice. Carter kisses Curly. Bennet kisses Beatrice. The Guardian of Heaven, @#$%, and TCG just smile at them. Enda, Ember, Ave, and Dave fly around happily. Then they all smile.

A while later...

Austin sees much better reviews of Bestgames Co. He then goes on chat with the others. "So, what did you guys spend the money on this time?" Justin typed. "I spent it on a fancy restraunt where they give wing massages." Austin typed. "I spent it on a pirate ship!" Bennet typed. "Oh, I spent mine on sushi and a cool outfit to wear to parties." Justin typed. "How about you, Carter?" Carter then typed "I donated the money to Nitrome so they could make another Nitrome Towers!" "YOU WHAAAAAT?!" Austin typed. "Sorry Austin, but we can't kill Nitrome for good! People love their games!" Carter typed. Austin typed "When I get my hands on you..." "Wait!" Carter typed. "I also used some on Bestgames Studio too! Now we have more space and stuff!" "Well, I can live with that." Justin typed. "What are you all blabbering about?" Austin typed. "GET TO WORK!"

The End.


(For more information, see Gun (Nitrome Must Die 2))

Out of Ammo

?. Returning Weapons: Shot Gun, Pistol, Machine Gun, Mini Gun, Nitrome, Pea Shooter, Bang

?. Bestgames

?. Gunbrick

?. J-J-Jump

?. Snot

?. Fish

?. Demo

?. Super Spark

?. Anime

?. Pony


Snow Spirits (from Lockehorn)

Goats (from Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage)





  • Floor 10:Eskimo
  • Floor 20: Giant Spike Ball (from Hot Air Jr)
  • Floor 30:Akuma from Final Ninja Level 10
  • Floor 40:Canopy from Canopy
  • Floor 50: Under-Dweller and (rider in upcoming game) (From Cave Chaos 2 and)
  • Floor 60:Cacti Mens
  • Floor 70:King Meka
  • Floor 80:Rhino Beetle
  • Floor 90:Dog in Capsule
  • Floor 100: Nitrome Businesswoman
  • Rooftop: Nitrome Businesswoman in Giant Icon
  • Falling from Rooftop to Floor 1: Nitrome Businesswoman in Giant Ball Robot

Interactive Objects

Crates (Gun, Multi, Health)







Nitrome Must Die 2 has a unique scoring system different from the system used in the original game. It involves a wheel.

During 2, 3, and 4-player, the player who completes the level with the highest score is deemed the winner, and the lowest, the loser.


In Nitrome Must Die 2, each character has a special ability in which they can do something the other players can't. They do not need to use this ability, but they could find it quite useful.


Fly is Winged Carter's ability. It allows him to double jump.


Walljump is Ninja Bennet's ability. It allows him to slide and jump from the wall.


Dash is Carter Austin's ability. It allows him to be nimble and evade attacks easier.


Swim is Bennet Justin's ability. It allows him to swim through water.

Level Skip

Sometimes on levels (exept for boss levels) the letters N, I, T, R, O, M, and E float across the screen. If the player doesn't collect them, they will continue floating and disappear off the screen. But if they do collect one, it is added to the bonus letters. When the player collects all the letters, Enda and Ave fly down to allow them to skip the floor they were on. If they refuse, the birds will continue to fly down through every level on that level set until they say yes. Saying yes will cause the player(s) to fly into the elevator. The player can only skip one level per level set. (After they gain all the letters, they will not appear until the next set.)

Beta Elements

Some ideas were used in the making of Nitrome Must Die 2, but never made it into the final version. Here are some of those ideas:

  • Nitrome Towers was blocking out the sun. (Replaced with the company rivalry.)
  • The new Bosses and Exectutives were mutant bat Employees. (Replaced with Emberployees and Hyperworkers)
  • Some guns were cut out because they were not in Nitrome's 101th-200th games.
  • Grey Creatures (from Rainbogeddon) were probobly going to be in the game, but they were already in Nitrome Must Die 1.


Character Sprites

Winged Carter:

Ninja Bennet:
Updated WAC&NB Sprites

Carter Austin: CarterspriteNMD2-bmp

Bennet Justin: Seriousbennet



Curly Alls:

Ally Curls:

Justice Bender:

Beatrice Jumper:




TinyCastleGuy: TCG AC4E Style

Guardian of Heaven:

Guardian of @#$%:

Player Images

Winged Carter: WAC up close-bmp

Ninja Bennet: NBupclose-bmp

Carter Austin: CAupclose-bmp

Bennet Justin: BJcloseup-bmp.png


Austin Carter:

Justin Bennet:

Carter Austin: CA on Facebook

Bennet Justin:

Enemy Sprites:

Snow Spirits:


Emberployees: Emberployee

Hyperworkers: Hyperworker

Boss Sprites:

Giant Spike Ball:

Under-Dweller and:

Nitrome Businesswoman:

Giant Icon:

Giant Ball Robot:

Weapon Sprites:

Gun: Gunbrick:








Winged Carter Elevator Sprites: Drinking soda, flapping his wings, adjusting his hair, falling asleep

Ninja Bennet Elevator Sprites: Eating caek, practicing throwing ninja star in place, unzipping his coat a little, dancing

Carter Austin Elevator Sprites: Reading a book, shining, halo above head, curtsying

Bennet Justin Elevator Sprites: Saying "arr", looking at an interesting shell, twirling hat, juggling balls

Bike Sprites:

Revival Sprites:


  • Nitrome Wiki makes a refrence in Nitrome Must Die 2. (The Blueboy emote is sprayed on Nitrome Towers's exterior.)
  • The new scoring system is a refrence to the TV game show "Wheel of Fortune".
  • The Nitrome Businesswoman was the Nitrome Boss's sister, so that is another reason why she hated Austin Carter and his "family".
  • The three things that Austin spent his first money on can be seen through the game. (A new computer, some shoes, and a new bike.)
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