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Nitrome Must Die 2

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Game Type:



Shoot 'em Up, Platformer, Arena


Controls can be changed


Nitrome Must Die


Nitrome's 200th game

Please note that Nitrome Must Die 2 is currently being edited and revised to follow the Nitrome canon more with the release of Super Stock Take, as well as to not be too similar to the last game.

Nitrome Must Die 2 is the direct sequel to Nitrome Must Die. It is Nitrome's 200th game, being a sequel to their 100th. The game stars Austin Carter, Justin Bennet, Carter Austin, and Bennet Justin. It was created by Nitromians Austincarter4ever and TinyCastleGuy. Other members of the Nitrome Wiki may also have helped contribute to the game.

Default Controls

Player 1:

Up: W

Down: S

Left: A

Right: D

Shoot: Q

Player 2:

Up: Up Arrow

Down: Down Arrow

Left: Left Arrow

Right: Right Arrow

Shoot: /

Player 3:

Player 4:

Players can change their controls at any time on the character select screen.


In Nitrome Must Die 2, much like it's predecessor, there are 10 level sets. Each level set has 10 levels, the 3rd and 6th always Challenge Levels, and the 10th always a boss level. The goal of each level is to kill every enemy on the level that will appear, using several weapons that appear on the screen to their advantage. After all enemies have been eliminated, the elevator will open for the player(s) to advance through. Although there can be up to four players cooperating, there is a competition for the coins, like in other multiplayer games. When playing in the multiplayer mode, if one of the players is knocked out, a live player can resurrect the dead one by standing beside them and pressing the down button on their keyboard. Keeping with the consistancy of the first game, the levels' enemies and bosses - as well as some of the weapons - recall older Nitrome games.


There are 100 levels in Nitrome Must Die 2:

  • 70 'normal' levels
  • 20 'challenge' levels
  • 9 boss fights (not including the final boss)
  • 1 boss level (100) fighting the final boss

Challenge Levels

In challenge levels, the main objective is still to kill all the enemies in the level remains. The difference between challenge and normal levels is that the player has an infinite supply of one type of weapon. The player must take advantage of that weapon to kill the enemies. After the challenge level is completed, the player regains the same weapon and ammo from the previous level.


(The Nitrome Towers is shown. It is a stormy day. Austin Carter is then shown in the tower, rattling on the bars in a cell. He then sighs and pulls out his phone.)

  • Austin Carter: @#$%! Still can't believe we got caught!!
  • Justin Bennet: I know right? We need to escape from here!
  • Austin Carter: It's no use. They have the place surrounded >:(

(Short pause)

  • Justin Bennet: Wait I know! We call in our clones to get us out!!!!
  • Austin Carter: Omg that's perfect!! I'll text Carter and Bennet right now! Nitrome must die again!!!!!!!!!!111


  • Carter Austin: Alright, we're helping you guys out, but we're not going to like it!
  • Austin Carter: %^&* yeah!
  • Bennet Justin: And watch the language!

(Carter and Bennet then break the locks, allowing them all to escape. A siren sounds.)

  • Justin Bennet: They're gonna catch us!
  • Austin Carter: Let's run!

(The 4 then run towards the elevator, as the Nitrome Boss, 2 employees, and the Chimp come running)

  • Nitrome Boss: They're escaping! STOP THEM!!!!
  • Carter Austin: See what you've gotten us into?!

(They escape in the elevator, with the Boss panting behind them)

  • Nitrome Boss: Don't just stand there! Run the charomat!
  • Chimp: Yes boss!

(The Chimp runs off, and the camera zooms in to the elevator, still going up. The title screen is then shown on the elevator.)


Floor Zero acts as the second intro to the game. Austin, Justin, Carter, and Bennet enter a hallway full of power-ups. Austin obtains wings, and Justin gets his ninja suit on. At the same time, Carter puts on an overcoat and adds black makeup to his face; he then ties a band to his head in the shape of a "C". In a silent rage, Bennet tears his shirt and ties his scarf to his head; he also applies black makeup. They then proceed to the first floor, as the Chimp is shown creating enemies from the Charomat. (100-200.)

(NOTE: All levels ending in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 are played in random order. The order those levels described in each set will likely not match the order you play them in)

Level Set 1: 1-10

Floor 5

Enemies: 3 Employees

Level Set 2: 11-20

Floor 15

Enemies: 3 Employees

Level Set 3: 21-30

Floor 25

Enemies: Employee, 2 Emberployees

Level Set 4: 31-40

Floor 35

Enemies: Employee, 2 Hyperworkers

Level Set 5: 41-50

Floor 45

Enemies: Employee, Emberployee, Hyperworker

Level Set 6: 51-60

Floor 55

Enemies: 2 Emberployees, Hyperworker

Level Set 7: 61-70

Floor 65

'E'nemies: Emberployee, 2 Hyperworkers

Level Set 8: 71-80

Floor 75

Enemies: 3 Employees

Level Set 9: 81-90

Floor 85

Enemies: 3 Emberployees

Level Set 10: 91-100

Floor 95

Enemies: 3 Hyperworkers




(For more information, see Gun (Nitrome Must Die 2))







(Possible Bosses: Eskimo, Giant Spike Ball, Akuma, Canopy, Under-Dweller, Cactus Men, King Meka, Rhino Beetle, Dog in Capsule, Kraken)

  • Floor 10:
  • Floor 20:
  • Floor 30:
  • Floor 40:
  • Floor 50:
  • Floor 60:
  • Floor 70:
  • Floor 80:
  • Floor 90:
  • Floor 100:

Interactive Objects

Crates (Gun, Multi, Health)







Nitrome Must Die 2 has a unique scoring system different from the system used in the original game. It involves a wheel.

During 2, 3, and 4-player, the player who completes the level with the highest score is deemed the winner, and the lowest, the loser.


In Nitrome Must Die 2, each character has a special ability in which they can do something the other players can't. They do not need to use this ability, but they could find it quite useful.


Flight is Winged Carter's ability. It allows him to double jump by flapping his wings.


Walljump is Ninja Bennet's ability. It allows him to slide and jump from the wall.


Slide is Carter Austin's ability. It allows him to slide on the ground, faster than walking.


Melee is Bennet Justin's ability. It allows him to swipe at an enemy with his sword if he is close enough.

Level Skip

Sometimes on levels (except for boss and challenge levels) the letters N, I, T, R, O, M, and E will float across the screen. If the player doesn't collect them, they will continue floating and disappear off the screen. But if they do collect one, it is added to the bonus letters. When the player collects all the letters and presses "Skip", Enda and Ave fly down to allow them to skip the floor they were on. This also skips the elevator, so the player cannot use the scoring system after that floor.

Beta Elements

Some ideas were used in the making of Nitrome Must Die 2, but never made it into the final version. Here are some of those ideas:

  • The original plot was going to be more similar to the original, but was eventually made more unique and followed the Nitrome canon more.
  • The new Bosses and Exectutives were mutant bat Employees. (Replaced with Emberployees and Hyperworkers)


Character Sprites

Winged Carter:

Ninja Bennet:

Updated WAC&NB Sprites

Carter Austin: CarterspriteNMD2-bmp

Bennet Justin: Seriousbennet



Player Images

Winged Carter: WAC up close-bmp

Ninja Bennet: NBupclose-bmp

Carter Austin: CAupclose-bmp

Bennet Justin: BJcloseup-bmp.png

Enemy Sprites:


Emberployees: Emberployee

Hyperworkers: Hyperworker


Austin Carter's elevator animations: Drinking soda, flapping his wings, combing his hair, falling asleep

Justin Bennet's elevator animations: Eating caek, practicing throwing ninja star in place, unzipping his coat a little, dancing

Carter Austin's elevator animations: Reading a book, sparkling, halo above head, curtsying

Bennet Justin's elevator animations: Silently saying "arr", listening into a conch shell, twirling hat, juggling


  • The Nitrome Wiki makes a reference in Nitrome Must Die 2. (The Blueboy icon is sprayed on Nitrome Towers's exterior.)
  • The new scoring system resembles the television game show "Wheel of Fortune".

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