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If You Wanna Add Anything Go Ahead, Just Message Me What Your Going To Add First INTRO Boss 1 of Nitrome Towers: Okay Sir, time to take off the bandages, this may pinch a little...

CEO: Okay ow... ow... OW! How do I look
Employee: *giggles*

Boss 2: *Whips the employee*

Employee: Okay, OW what have I ever done to you?

Boss 2: Arguing back huh? Looks like you have earned yourself the honor of failure of the month
Employee: *Puts his head down* 
Vector: Austin and his friend  must pay for the damage they have caused.
CEO: I get what your saying. But how are we going to do it?
Vector: Ill meet with them in a chat room, and pretend I'm another nitrome hater. One
the first floor of their invasion ill help them and we have the two bosses "drag me away to my doom."
Employee: Good Plan
Boss 2: *Whips the employee"'
Employee: Hey! I said it was a good idea!
Boss 1: You're not being paid to talk. Now go make me a sandwich!
Employee: *leaves the room*

Justin: &^^% I cant believe nitrome towers have been rebuilt... AGAIN!

Austin: I know right now we must destroy them once more

Austin : NITROME MUST DIE... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*slams down keyboard*

GUNS Pistol Machine Gun Shotgun Minigun Penguin Barrel Points Acid Banana Bomb Cluster Bomb Molotov Nanobot Grapple Hook Rocket Homing Missile <p style="text-align:left;">Austin, Justin And Ride Their Bikes To The new Nitrome towers being spotted by the new lasers on Nitrome towers they rush inside. 

Boss List

10: Baron Battenberg (Dirk Valentine)

20: Final Ninja 0 Final Boss

30: Pirate Cloud

40: Twin Shot 2 Good Boss

50: Cuboy in test subject blue suit(part 1) <p> <p style="text-align:left;">60: Nitrome CEO

70: Armored Knight from Tiny Castle

80: Behemoth, final boss from Double edged

90: 3 Different Sky Serpants the one from level 7,8,and the last level. Riding on them is the main character, after the serpants are destroyed you have to face him, he is invincible until the 3 serpants are destroyed, he attacks throughout the battle

100: Cyborg Nitrome CEO

101: Players fall out, Nitrome Towers become the Nitrome titan, players must climb up 50 floors on the titan to get to the core room, avoiding the titan's attacks, once they get there the platers, must kill the final boss from Toxic to shut down the titan

102: The Titan is falling apart, you have one final battle with the CEO, similar to the first one.

Level sets 1-10 in random order

1: 6 enemies from jack frost, 1 Jack frost Jack frost can freeze players for 5 seconds 2: 10 yin 10 yang, one does the same movement as your player, the other does the opposite Challenge 1: 10 Chick Flicks Can use trampolene to bounce up the shots at the person, Players have infinite chisel guns MORE TBA

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