This article is about an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make an edit to this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


The game has five modes you can play through. In each mode you face different challenges. You can play as sixteen different characters and use items from various Nitrome games.


The following controls are for the Fuego Handheld system.

A- Accelerate

B- Reverse

Control Pad- Steer

X or Y- Use an Item

ZL or ZR- Jump

The following controls are for the PFC system.

A- Accelerate

B- Reverse

Left Control Stick- Steer

1 or L or R- Use an Item

ZL or ZR- Jump


All of the playable characters are characters that have appeared inside Nitrome Towers at some point, whether it be in Nitrome Must Die, Bump Battle Royale, Super Stock Take, or another Nitrome game that takes place in Nitrome Towers.



Nitrome Boss




Mail Bird

Messenger Stork


Hazmat Hero


Twin Shot Angel

Enemy 585



Nitrome Employee


These are the items found in Nitrome Must Die Cart.

Helmet- works like the Green Shell from Mario Kart, thrown straight forward, bounces off walls, knocks opponents over

Banana Peel- works like Banana Peel in Mario Kart, placed behind you to make other drivers slip up

Homing Missile- works like the Red Shell, homes in on nearest target ahead of you

Ninja Rope- fired straight forward, if hits an opponent then you will be reeled towards the opponent and then smash them out of the way, taking their place in the race

Charomat- when activated it will drop an Orange Nose Enemy behind your cart that will walk around and act as an obstacle to opponents

Arcane Orb- homes in on the opponent in the lead and then crashes down on them; works like the Spiny Shell from Mario Kart

Squid- blinds opponents, works like the Blooper in Mario Kart

Sticky Bomb- when thrown it will lie on the ground until an opponent drives over it; it will stick to their cart and explode after some time

Mega Bomb- works like the Bob-omb from Mario Kart, creates a large explosion that knocks over opponents

Angel Power-Up- grants you invincibility for a short period of time and a slight speed boost

Proton Power-Up- shrinks opponents that are ahead of you

Triple Helmets- three helmets fired one by one

Triple Homing Missiles- three homing missiles fired one by one

Triple Banana Peels- three banana peels thrown one by one


These are the different modes in NMD Cart.

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix mode involves the player racing through four races on different tracks against nine computer opponents.

Cuboy Cup


Nitrome Towers

Robot Factory

Stock Room

Xeno Industries

Banana Bomb Cup


Dr. Boshi's Base

King Frog's Castle

Under Dwell

Cloud Kingdom

Archery Cup


Warlock's Village

Dr. Nastidious' Lair


Akuma's Skyscraper

Shuriken Cup


Evil Kingdom

Turner Tracks

Troll Cave

Nitrome Dungeon

Enzyme Cup


Takeshi's Garden

The Kraken

Cuboy Circuit

Justin Junction

Battle Mode

In this mode, your goal is to knock out the opponents' Cuboy Trophies. Each time you knock out a trophy, you gain a point. Each time you get all three of your trophies knocked out, you lose a point. The player with the most points after four rounds wins.

Battle Mode Stages

Green Incubation Chamber

Blue Testing Chamber

Toxic Dome

BBR Mirror Image Arena

BBR Ice Breaker Arena

Nitrome Enjoyment System


This game is compatible with both the Plasmaster Fun Console and the Fuego Handheld systems.


This game utilizes NiTrophies. NiTrophies are used in this game to grant an item to the player that used it. The item will be equipped at the start of the race and usually corresponds to a certain character. The following NiTrophies are compatible with this game.

Austin Carter (grants Homing Missle or Triple Homing Missles)

(more to be added later)

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