Nitrome Online

Game Type

MMO, Adventure, Action

This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. This game is an MMO idea, so any help at all would be very much appreciated regarding ideas and such. If you would like to make any changes to this article or have any help to offer, please leave a comment for me!


This game is an MMO. It does have a storyline to follow and missions to go on, but you really kind of get to create your own story through your adventure. The storyline has a group of missions for you to go on in order to help out characters in the Nitrome world. The Nitrome world features many Nitrome characters as NPC's and worlds from several Nitrome games to explore. The Nitrome Boss and an orginization of other Nitrome villains have risen and invaded the Nitrome world with their armies of minions and thugs. A legion of Nitrome heroes will fight back, but need your help to do it.


W, A, S, D- moving forward and backwards and turning left and right

Mouse- move mouse to aim weapon at an enemy and click to use weapon. Can also select special moves to use along bottom of screen

Space Bar- jump

Shift Key- opens menu

I- shortcut key, will open inventory

M- shortcut key, will open map

Q- shortcut key, will open quest journal

1- will put your character into a vehicle to ride around faster

2- will put up a shield to protect you from enemy attacks

Game Information

Health Bar- your health bar displays the amount of health you have left. When you run out of health, you die. Don't worry though, you'll respawn at the nearest respawn point. The healthbar is displayed at the top left corner of your screen. Above the helath bar is the name of your character.

Weapon- the type of weapon you have out is displayed below your health bar at the top left corner of the screen.

XP- stands for Experience Points. You need experience points to level up in the game. You gain XP by killing enemies and completing missions. Your current XP level is displayed at the top right corner of your screen in a bar. Below this bar is the Nitromian Positioning System, or NPS, which helps you locate yourself, NPC's, and enemies on a mini-map.

NPS- small mini-map that shows you your, NPC's, and enemies' locations.

Current Objective- your current objective is displayed in words below your NPS.

Chat Menu- the chat menu is at the bottom left corner of the screen. It displays what you, NPC's, and other players nearby have said.

Special Abilities- special abilities are selected and changed at respawn points. If you want to select or change a special ability, just go to the nearest respawn point. Special Abilities are used in battle against enemies. You select them with your mouse cursor. Special Abilities are stronger than any of your regular attacks and can deal area damage too. Some special abilities may simply use a certain type of Nitrome weapon, but others may even summon a Nitrome character themselves to help you fight. They are displayed at the middle bottom of the screen. There are only three special ability buttons.


In Nitrome Online, you can create and customize your own character to play as. You get to choose your skin color, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, height, (width), and mouth size. Once you are in the game, you will be able to collect new clothes and new weapons from killing enemies and completing missions. Below is a list of all of the hairstyles and clothes you can wear in the game.


Dr. Nastidious Hat

Dr. Nastidious Goggles

Takeshi Mask

Swindler Mask

Pink Angry Head Mask

Green Angry Head Mask

Astronaut Helmet

Hard Hat


Baron Battenberg Hat

Eye Patch

Pirate Hat (Red, Blue)


Miner Helmet

Owl Hat

Night Cap

Castle Corp Helmet

Tiny Castle Helmet

Armoured Knight Helmet

Toxic Hazmat Hat

Foreman Hat

Canary Hat

Alien Larvae

Blast-Man Joe Hat

Fluffykins Ears

Troll Horns

Chimp Hat

Fake Chimp Nose

Chiseler Hat

Chiseler Mask

Dirk Valentine Hat

Flightless Hat (Blue, Green)

Racing Helmet

Princess Tiara


Rainbogeddon Hat

Rainbogeddon Bow

Stone Tribe Headdress

Spartan Helmet

Enemy Soldier Helmet

Mercenary Helmet

Norse Helmet

Norse Hankerchief

Pirate Bandana (Red, Blue)

Parasite Hat

Acorn Helmet

Enemy 585 Helmet

Bullethead Helmet

Viking Helmet

Kapowski Goggles

Norman Noggin Hat

Onekey Feather

Lockehorn Antlers

Skull Mask

Red Knight Helmet

Glass Cleaner Helmet

Shopkeeper Hat

Warlock Skull Hat


Moscow Party Hat

Big Pirate Hat

Behemoth Horn

Priest of Hecate Antlers

Gladiator Visor

Gladiator Helmet

Police Hat

Top Hat

Enemy Commander Helmet

Castle Corp Helmet (Enemy)

Tri-corner Hat

Rainbow Pirate Hat

Flower Hat

Orange Enzyme Mask

Narwhal Horn

Green Goon Goggles

Mutant Man Mask

Mr. Nibbles Hat

Arrow Hat

Magic Touch Hat

Green Enzyme Hat

Shellbot Hat

Orange Squid Hat

Blue Squid Hat

Cyborg Eye

Duck Bill

Fluffykins Hat (Red, Green)

Electrobrain Helmet

Witchdoctor Mask

Transformer Mask

Moo King Flame

Moo King Nose Ring

Canary Mask

Oodlegob Mask (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink)

Mewserver Helmet

Mars Mask

Moon Mask

Lost Moon Mask

Saturn Mask

Sun Mask

Mercury Mask

Space Mouse Helmet

Onekey Mask

Hot Air Mask

Green Squid Hat

Bat Hat

Bomba Hat

Peanut Crate Hat

Mother Helmet

Turnament Helmet

Sorceror Hat

Triclopian Helmet

Dunce Cap

Brain Hat

Warrior Horns

Skeleton Fry Mask

Sporty Mask

Penguin Beak

Quad-eyed Demon Mask

Shadow Demon Mask

Snowman Mask

Santa Hat

Elf Hat (Pink or Green)

Fake Beard

Zapo Helmet

Snake Hair Hat

Medusa Mask

Handle Robot Hat

Magneboy Helmet

Plunger Helmet

Masked Native Mask

Masked Native Headdress

Mushroom Hat

Egyptian Birg Hat

Egyptian Bird Beak

Carrier Dark Hat (Purple or Blue)

Simian Unit Mask

Saboteur Hat

Saboteur Glasses

Voodoo Doll Mask

Grappler Hat

Fluffball Mask

White Knight Helmet

Flaming Knight Helmet

Blue Feather Headdress

Cactus Monster Helmet

Sandworm Mask

Copycat Hat

Vanilla Hat

Strawberry Hat

Chocolate Hat

Sorbet Hat

Mint-Choc-Chip Hat

Bubble Gum Hat

Licorice Hat

Bacon Hat

Pot Creature Hat

BIC Duck Mask

Peppermint Mask

Nipbot Hat

Napping Guard Hat

2014 Glasses

New Year Hat

changeType Helmet

Ditto Mask

Shadow Mask

Ditto Demon Mask

Virus Hat

Red Slime Hat

Spiked Red Slime Hat

Robot Hat (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)

Vampire Hunter Hat

Vampire Mask

Werewolf Mask

Zombie Mask

Turkey Mask

Dove Hat

Pidgeon Hat

Bee Hat

Bat Hat

Helicopter Hat

Pegasus Hat

Pelican Hat

Chicken Hat

Submolok Helmet

Snowball Helmet

Polar Bear Mask

Moose Antlers

Gunbrick Glasses

Radd Bradd Cap

Radd Bradd Sunglasses

Sir Jumpalot Helmet

Spacegirl Helmet

Awesome Ninja Mask

Clive Glasses

Plumber Hat


Cuboy Shirt (Pink, Blue)

Eskimo Coat

Takeshi Ninja Shirt

Austin Shirt

Justin Hoodie

Lab Coat

Dr. Nastidious Jacket

Space Suit

Blue Shirt

Billy Shirt

Blast-Man Joe Jacket

Hazmat Suit

Caveman Lioncloth (Orange, Green)

Fluffykins Shirt (Red, Green)

Glass Cleaner Suit

Kapowski Jacket

Striped Pirate Shirt (Red, Blue)

Chimp Suit

Business Suit

Castle Corp Armor

Castle Corp Armor (Enemy)

Tiny Castle Armor

Spartan Armor

Priest of Hecate Cloak

Enemy Soldier Armor

Chiseler Shirt

Dirk Valentine Jacket

Yellow Raincoat

Racing Jacket

Runner Suit

CEO Shirt

Mercenary Jacket

Racoon Shirt

Norse Warrior Shirt

Red Knight Armor

Shopkeeper Cloak

Zapo Shirt

Night Shirt

Warlock Shirt

Golden Shirt

Red Coat

Lizardman Armor

S.W.A.T. Jacket

Thief Shirt

Mutant Man Shirt

Norman Noggin Shirt

King Frog Suit

Purple T-Shirt

Space Mouse Shirt (with sleeves for people with arms)

Moon Shirt

Mars Shirt

Lost Moon Shirt

Saturn Shirt

Mercury Shirt

Sun Shirt

Santa Jacket

Elf Jacket (Pink or Green)

Pirate Boy Shirt

Lazy Rider Suit

Puppet Knight Armor

Simian Unit Suit

Saboteur Shirt

Maiden Dress

White Knight Armor

Flaming Knight Armor

Udder Cow Shirt

Vanilla Shirt

Strawberry Shirt

Chocolate Shirt

Sorbet Shirt

Mint-Choc-Chip Shirt

Bubble Gum Shirt

Licorice Shirt

Bacon Shirt

Copycat Shirt

Peppermint Shirt

Cyber Guard Suit

Hot Air T-Shirt

Hot Air Christmas Sweater

Enemy 585 Christmas Sweater

Cuboy Christmas Sweater

Napping Guard Shirt

2014 Shirt

Vampire Hunter Suit

Flying Man Trench Coat

'Spread the Dove' T-Shirt

Spacegirl Suit

Mr. Smooth Suit


Hazmat Pants


Eskimo Pants

Takeshi Pants

Astronaut Pants

Austin Shorts

Justin Pants

Dirk Valentine Pants

Mutant Man Pants

Racoon Pants

Dr. Nastidious Pants

Mercenary Pants

Blast-Man Joe Pants

Gym Shorts

Glass Cleaner Pants

Business Pants

Khaki Pants

Khaki Shorts

Chimp Pants

Kapowski Pants

Castle Corp Leg Armor

Castle Corp Leg Armor (Enemy)

Spartan Leg Armor

Pirate Pants

Enemy Soldier Leg Armor

Leather Pants

Racing Pants

Runner Pants

Norse Warrior Pants

Red Knight Leg Armor

Zapo Pants

Warlock Pants

Black Pants

S.W.A.T. Pants

Norman Noggin Pants

Norse Oldtimer Pants


Rex209 Pants

Tiny Castle Leg Armor

King Frog Pants

Golden Pants

Gladiator Pants

Egg Shell Pants

Jean Shorts

Space Mouse Pants

Santa Pants

Elf Pants (Pink or Green)

Saboteur Pants

White Knight Leg Armor

Flaming Knight Leg Armor

Napping Guard Pants

Cyber Guard Pants

changeType Overalls

Robot Pants

Flying Man Pants

Plumber Overalls

Mr. Smooth Pants

Lucky Boxer Shorts


Zapo Gloves

Zapo Shoes

Canary Gloves

Canary Shoes

Dr. Nastidious Gloves

Dr. Nastidious Shoes

Professor Gloves

Sniper Enzyme Gloves

Rex209 Shoes

Takeshi Gloves

Takeshi Shoes

Hazmat Gloves

Hazmat Shoes

Eskimo Shoes

Eskimo Skates

Astronaut Shoes

Astronaut Gloves

Castle Corp Gauntlets

Castle Corp Shoes

Castle Corp Gauntlets (Enemy)

Castle Corp Shoes (Enemy)

Blast-Man Joe Shoes

Pirate Shoes

Racing Gloves

Racing Shoes


Severed Foot Shoes

Severed Hand Gloves

Dirk Valentine Shoes

Duck Feet

Spartan Shoes

Mercenary Boots

Norse Warrior Shoes

Kapowski Gloves

Kapowski Shoes

Glass Cleaner Shoes

Glass Cleaner Gloves

Warlock Shoes

Business Shoes

Justin Shoes

Greek Sandals

Santa Boots

Elf Shoes

Elf Gloves

Santa Gloves


White Knight Gauntlets

White Knight Shoes

Flaming Knight Gauntlets

Flaming Knight Shoes

BIC Boots

Robot Gloves

Robot Shoes


Onion Backpack

Astronaut Pack

Angel Wings

Quiver of Arrows

Chimp Tail

Warlock Amulet

Racoon Tail

Miner Belt

Canopy Backpack

Cat Tail

Dog Tail

Green Goon Wings

Norman Noggin Cape

Winged Cat Wings

Pirate Belt

Norse Cape

Warlock Cape

Kapowski Backpack

Squirrel Tail

Canary Jetpack

Calamari Backpack

Moon Backpack

Sun Backpack

Saturn Backpack

Sack of Toys

Snowman Scarf

Saboteur Scarf

Ditto Scarf

Ditto Demon Cape

Vampire Hunter Cape

Mr. Smooth Tie


Dove Follower

Pidgeon Follower

Chicken Follower

Helicopter Follower

Shadow Follower

Coil Follower

Alien Follower

Onion Follower

Hot Air Balloon Follower

Parrot Ball Follower

Fluffball Follower

Ice Beak Follower

Roly Poly Follower

Air Strike Plane Follower

Oodlegob Follower





'The Austin'

'The Jack Frost'








Long & Straight

Short & Straight


Long & Wavy

Short & Wavy

'The Professor'

Bowl Haircut

'The Swirl'


Bed Head


Comb Over


'The Willow'


This is a list of weapons used in Nitrome Online.

Ranged Weapons

Blue Proton Cannon

Orange Proton Cannon

Green Slime Cannon

Mercenary Gun

'The Machine' Gun

Rex209 Cannon

Nitro Gun

Banana Bomb Blaster

Sword Cannon

Nanobot Gun

Double Edged Bow & Arrow

Helmet Gun


Ice Beak Gun

Twin Shot Bow

Three-way Crossbow

Ninja Stars

Cyber Guard Gun

Grappling Gun

Chain Cannon

Mega Laser

Canary Laser

Cave Bow

Molotov Launcher

Penguin Gun

Office Laser Gun

Buzzsaw Blaster

Gunbrick Gun

Hailstone Cannon


Flex Cannon

Mechasaur Cannon

Alien Liquid Squirter

Alien Missile Launcher

Boomyfant Blaster


Sick Orange Goo Gun

Rocket Launcher

Homing Missile Gun

Gobber Gun



Barrel Gun


S.W.A.T. Gun

Fireball Gun

Acid Blaster

Toaster Gun

Boomerang Gun

Pixel Gun

Acorn Cannon


Dum Dum

North Star




Thor's Hammer




Chain Gun

Oodlegob Launcher

Matryoshka Cannon


Doctor Nastidious Pistol

Orange Goo Launcher

Lost Moon Launcher

Mars Blaster

Ornament Launcher

Snowball Cannon

Arrow Stone


Ice Bucket Blaster

Tech Fox Cannon

Boomerang Dragon Gun

Blue Fire Blaster

Blue Gunbuster Cannon

Hot Air Bullets

Buzzblade Blaster

Buzzbot Gun

Cannon Robot Gun

Robot Sniper Gun

Snot Launcher

Xolstar Cannon

Fire Blaster

Virus Launcher

Hunter Crossbows

Submolok Cannon

Soldier Rifle

Spacegirl Cannon

Melee Weapons

Orange Flail

Norse Dagger

Norse Sword

Double Edged Dagger

Double Edged Sword

Double Edged Axe

Double Edged Pitchfork

Double Edged Hammer

Lion Hammer


Demon Pitchfork

Pink Angry Head Mace

Green Angry Head Mace

Cyber Samurai Sword

Hot Air Axe

Hot Air Mace

Tiny Castle Sword

Icebreaker Hammer

Proton Sword

Castle Corp Sword

Castle Corp Mace


Severed Arm

Boss Whip

Sucker Punch Gun

Slap Gun

Crusher Squirrel Mace

Coal Shovel




Orange Enzyme Shield

Saturn Flail

Grappler Hook

Candy Cane

Ornament Mace

Little X-Mas Tree

Garland Whip

Onekey Spear

Giant Spike Ball Mace


Cyan Fan Saw

Nanobot Orbs

Blue Wrecking Ball

Buzzbot Saw

Apple Cider Bottle

Spiked Red Slime Mace

Robot Wrench

Wooden Stake

Sir Jumpalot Sword



Cherry Bomb

Blast-Man Bombs

Toxic Bombs


Bee Bomb

Mouse Explosives

Mercury Bombs

Fondue Incendiary

Ornament Grenades

Peppermint Bombs


Ice Bombs

Balloon Bombs

Floating Mines

Bomb Shooter

Penguin Grenades

Nanobot Bombs

Swindler Bombs

Bomb Balls

Big Daddy Bombs

Neutron Bombs

Submolok Bombs

Magic Weapons

Voodoo Doll

Warlock Staff

Wizard Wand

Wizard Staff


This is a list of vehicles you are able to ride in Nitrome Online.

Gasguzzler 3000

Mining Cart


Flipside Car





S.S. Squeakstar Mini

Barry's Chopper

Kitty Cruiser


Triclopian Pod


Purple Pig


Dark Creature



The Machine


Flying Cloud







Rocket Man

Wild Boar

Bump Battle Royale Bumper Car

Charged Bumper Car


Radd Bradd Skateboard


This is a list of NPC's found in Nitrome Online.

Captain Cheddarton

Gunner Gorgonzola

Major Mozzarella

Private Provolone

Private Parmesan




Lost Moons (x3)




Pink Angel

Orange Angel

Hazmat Hero

Norse Warrior

Norse Father

Austin Carter






Uncle Rico


Right Eye

Left Eye

Computer Person

Blast-Man Joe

Hot Air

Mrs. Hot Air

Hot Air Jr.

Canary 214-LE

Black Ball

Blue Ball


Red Pirate Captain

Blue Pirate Captain

Red Pirates

Blue Pirates

Spartan Warrior


Fat Cat


Bearded Man







Small Fries

Canopy Monkey



Blue Duck

Green Duck

Egyptian Bird



Missing Link


Baby Dino




Dirk Valentine




Jack Frost

Ice Cream Characters

Justin Bennet


Castle Corp Knights

Lady Snow Fox




Norman Noggin


Robot Workers


Squeak the Dog

Stretchy Dog

Stone Tribe



Village Chief

Master Cutter


Princess Nectarine IV

Foreman Buzz


Alien Ice Cream


Flash Cat


Smokey Bacon

Godfrey Nectarine IV






Ice Beak

Calamari Squid

Turnament Knight

Jump Hero

Foreman White



Bullethead Soldier

Tiny Castle Knight

Tiny Castle Maiden




Fly Trap



Cactus Men

Mail Bird






Vampire Hunter

Flying Man

Polar Bear


Gunbrick Driver

Rosy Cheeks Boy

Sir Jumpalot

Radd Bradd

Blue Rodent


Mr. Smooth



Minions, a.k.a. First Class Enemies, are the weakest types of enemies in the game. They still take a good amount of damage to defeat and can be quite stubborn. Some have special abilities depending on what Nitrome game they hail from. This is a list of Minions encountered throughout the various worlds of Nitrome Online.

Nitromefied People- allow me to explain. These are enemies that I came up with. They are people who have been turned into human-Nitrome monster hybrids by the Nitrome boss. They act a bit like zombies.

Alien Larvae

Alien Spinners

Mini-Alien Squids

Dark Things

Green Slimes

Cloud Dark Things


Crawling Green Enzymes

Bouncing Green Enzymes

Dragons (Twin Shot)

Running Orange Enzymes

Bat Beasts

Green Trolls

Cows (Bad Ice Cream)

Orange Squids

Log Men

Mutant Men

Cyber Guards

Blue Mines

Eater Droplets

Small Legged Blobs


Baby Jellies

Crawling Clouds

Wheel Robots

Hovering Robots

Dragon Guardians

Enemy Soldiers



Green Lizardmen


Mr. Nibbles

Space Mice

Blind Demon (Mirror Image)

Ice Starfish

Udder Cows

Gold Head Robots


Thugs, a.k.a. Second Class Enemies, are the middle group between strong and weak enemies. They take more damage than Minions but less than Brutes. Thugs are more likely to have special abilities and have stronger attacks. Below is a list of Thugs encountered throughout the many worlds of Nitrome Online.

Blue Slimes

Fire Dark Things

Shield Dark Things

Carrier Dark Things

Mouth Dark Things

Spiky Dark Things


Monkey Green Enzymes

Sniper Green Enzymes

Boomerang Dragons (Twin Shot)

Throwing Orange Enzymes

Bomb Balls

Pitchfork Demons

Infected Canaries

Alien Squids

Alien Birds

Alien Bats

Alien Turtles

Alien Bees

Flying Orange Enzyme

Green Squids

Pot Creatures

Blue Trolls

Jumping Ball Guys

Ducks (Bad Ice Cream)

Bull Beasts

Cyber Samurais

Drone Mines

S.W.A.T. Units

Mr. Gobbles



Captain Tongue

Mo & DJ

Mother Jellies

Cannon Robots

Three Legged Robots

Enemy Commanders

Red Lizardmen


Charging Robots

Bomb Shooting Robots

Jumping Demons




Starfish (Bad Ice-Cream)



Brutes, a.k.a. Third Class Enemies, are the strongest enemies in the game (besides Bosses). They take the most damage to kill and have the strongest attacks. They are more likely to have special abilities. Below is a list of Brutes encountered throughout the many worlds of Nitrome Online.

Turquoise Slimes

Red Slimes

Berserker Dark Things

Helmet Dark Things

Rider Dark Things

Strong Creatures

Mimic Green Enzymes

Juggernaut Orange Enzymes

Nitrome Employees

Pirahna Squids

Blue Squids

Horned Yellow Guys

Simian Units

Clone Scientists

Black Cats (Rainbogeddon)

Father Jellies

Robotic Squids

Priests of Hecate


Brutes (Parasite)

Quad-Eyed Demons

Angry Quackbots

All Sky Serpent Types

Trolls (Square Meal)

Bosses (N.M.D.)


Red Starfish


Bosses are the toughest type of enemy in the game. They are best confronted in a team of players with high experience levels. Bosses are usually only encountered when you get a specific mission, but some have secret lairs hidden throughout the worlds of Nitrome Online, so try to find them if you can. Below is a list of Bosses encountered throughout the many worlds of Nitrome Online.

Defense Robot Zero- secret lair

Maxwell Merlock

Baron Battenberg

Nitrome Boss

Big Hat Pirate



Medusa- secret lair

Minotaur- secret lair

King Frog

Infected Canary Leader


Dr. Nastidious

The Machine

Baron von Blimp

Giant Worm- secret lair

Omega Dragon


This is a list of locations in Nitrome Online. There are currently 28 locations in Nitrome Online. Below each location name is displayed the names of the NPC's found there in bold.

Cloud Kingdom (Twin Shot Series)

Pink Angel, Orange Angel, Norman Noggin

Test Subject Area (contains Dr. Nastidious' Base and Xeno Labs, and also the Fault Line testing facility)

Professor, Rex209, Blue, Larry, Zapo

Ancient Greece (Double Edged)

Spartan Warrior, Maiden, Mail Bird

Nitrome City (contains Corp Inc., The Glassworks, Nitrome Towers, and MewTube Tower)

Austin Carter, Kapowski, Robot Workers, Sabre-tooth, Employees

Ninja City (contains Akuma's tower and Merlock's Base)

Takeshi, Black Ball, Monty, Orange

Canopy Forest (contains the Canopy world and the Small Fry world, Cheese Moon is in the sky)

Canopy Monkey, Small Fries, Plunger, Calamari Squid

Frosty Mountains (mountainous area, contains Avalanche, Jack Frost, Lockehorn, Frost Bite, and Thin Ice worlds)

Eskimo, Lockehorn, Norse Father, Mint Choc Chip, Ice Beak, Polar Bear

Viking Beach (contains Icebreaker world)

Master Cutter, Red Pirate Captain, Red Pirates, Vikings, Village Chief

Rustyard (contains Rustyard world)

Rusty, Rockitty, Lady Snow Fox, Virus

Stony Mountains (contains Worm Food world)

Stone Tribe, Baby, Baby Dino, Protagonist

Nitromian Desert (contains Sandman, Off the Rails, and Temple Glider worlds)

Egyptian Bird, Sterling, Penny, Alien Ice Cream, Sleepwalker, Cactus Men

Ghastly Groves (contains Stumped laboratory and Graveyard Shift world)

Hot Air Jr., Squeak the Dog, Raccoon, changeType Hero

Nuclear Neighborhood (contains Toxic world)

Hazmat Hero, Computer Person, Uncle Rico, Ribbit

Canary Mining Colony 227 (contains Canary and Cave Chaos worlds)

Canary 214-LE, Miners, Strawberry, Major Mozzarella, Foreman White

Temple Jungle (contains Onekey and Swindler worlds)

Swindler, Fat Cat, Owl, Turner, Chimp, Onekey

Nitromian Airfield (contains Hot Air series, Sky Serpents, Dirk Valentine, and Steamlands worlds)

Norse Warrior, Dirk Valentine, Hot Air, Mrs. Hot Air, Watcher, Fly Trap

Abandoned City (contains Bullethead and Rubble Trouble series worlds)

Boss, Garry, Barry, Mercury, Bullethead Soldier

Castle Square (contains Castle Corp, Enemy 585, Tiny Castle, and Knight Trap worlds)

Bearded Man, Princess, Princess Nectarine IV, Vanilla, Castle Corp Knights, Tiny Castle Knight

Speed City (contains Flipside, Flash Cat, and Rush worlds)

Runners, Warlock, Foreman Buzz, Flash Cat, Smokey Bacon

Iris City (contains Color Blind world)

Blots, Right Eye, Left Eye, Private Provolone

Secret Dungeons (contains Square Meal, Ditto, and Flightless worlds)

Blue Duck, Green Duck, Chocolate, Jump Hero, Ditto, Shadow

NES Dimension (contains Super Treadmill, The Bucket, Mega Mash, and Silly Sausage worlds)

Stretchy Dog, Billy, Fluffykins, Blast-Man Joe, Turnament Knight, Oodlegobs

Mutinous Port (contains Mutiny and Aquanaut worlds)

Blue Pirate Captain, Blue Pirates, Sorbet

Psychadelia (contains Rainbogeddon World)

Blue Ball, Private Parmesan, Yin, Yang, Flying Man

Crater City (contains Chisel world)

Chiseler, Justin Bennet, Manuel, Mars, Captain Cheddarton, Lost Moons

Dinoland (contains B.C. Bow Contest world)

Caveman, Cavegirl, Dread, Missing Link, Tiny Castle Maiden

Winter Wonderland (contains Jack Frost, Bad Ice Cream, and Snow Drift worlds)

Jack Frost, Bubble Gum, Gunner Gorgonzola, Penguin, Yeti

Space Observatory (contains Cheese Dreams and Rockitty worlds)

Alien Ice Cream, Saturn, Licorice, Magneboy, Submolok

Fire Sand Beach (contains Aquanaut and Twang worlds)

Cuboy, Teenager, Godfrey Nectarine IV


Missions are quests and objectives received from Nitrome NPC's around the Nitrome World. Not all NPC's give out missions, but some are involved in other missions. By completing missions, the player will receive new gear and XP points. Some missions are not able to be done until the player is a certain level. There are two types of missions: Story Missions and Side Missions. Story Missions are certain missions that are attuned to the story of the game and will work towards stopping the evil Nitrome badguys. Side missions will usually be some sort of side task. An example of this are the missions received from pirates, as the pirates just want to fight the pirates of opposite color. Side missions may also include fighting enemies or working towards stopping the badguys, but are not as major or significant as the Story Missions are. Below is a list of all of the possible missions (along with a brief description of it) that can be completed in Nitrome Online. The name of the character that gives out the mission is in bold. All of the missions they distribute will be listed below their name.

All Missions

Captain Cheddarton

Cheese, Glorious Cheese- a mission to collect cheese from Mother Jellies

Chilly Cheese Fries- a mission to collect Cheese Fries from the Frosty Mountains

Not Yo Cheese- a mission to get cheese samples back from Space Mice

Gunner Gorgonzola

Cheesy Chain Gun- a mission to get a chain gun from the Demolition Crew

Major Mozzarella

Cheese Trouble- a mission to collect cheese from the escaped planets

Private Provolone

Private Parmesan

Cheese Disease- a mission to dispose of poisonous cheese by feeding it to enemies


Derpy Duel- a mission to defeat Wheel Robots and Hovering Robots


Cheese Fondue- a mission to power the Space Observatory using melted cheese fondue


Shooting the Curl- a mission to get a surfboard for Saturn from Starfish

Lost Moons (x3)

Bash, Crash, Slam!- a mission to defeat 25 Space Mice


Professor vs. Doctor- a mission to defeat Dr. Nastidious

Lab Rats- a mission to defeat Rats that have invaded Xeno Labs

Dancing on the Ceiling- a mission to recover Rex209's schematics from Dr. Nastidious's lair

Enzyme Entertainment- a mission to collect samples from Orange Enzymes and Green Enzymes

Clipboard Chaos- a mission to recover the Professor's clipboard from the Fault Line Testing Facility

Proto-suit Practice- a mission to take Blue on a training mission in his proto-suit


T-Rex209- a mission to defeat King Frog

Generator Rex209- a mission to fix the generator in Xeno Labs


Stealth Attack- a mission to sneak into Akuma's lair and steal info undetected

Pink Angel

Cloudy with a Chance of Dark Things- a mission to defeat 30 Dark Things

Orange Angel

Holy Cow!- a mission to defeat 20 Cows

Hazmat Hero

Hazmatastrophe- a mission to defeat Mother

Major Malfunction- a mission to defeat the Machine

Bomb Bash- a mission to collect Hazmat Hero's Bombs from Robots

Norse Warrior

Record Breaker- a mission to slay 5 Sky Serpents

Big Sword- a mission to construct a giant sword for slaying Sky Serpents

Collection Catastrophe- a mission to recover his knife collection from Sandworms

Norse Father

Sky Slayer- a mission to build a ballista to take down Sky Serpents

Austin Carter

Enemy Spy-8-Spy- a mission to spy on things inside Nitrome Towers

Nitrome Boss Must Die!- a mission to defeat Nitrome Boss


Chopper Chase- a mission to fix Barry's Chopper by collecting parts from Robots


Cousin Ivan- a mission to pick up some weapons FOUND by Cousin Ivan


Money Madness- a mission to recover stolen safes from the Secret Dungeons


Lab Assistant- a mission to help Larry find the formulas for the Professor's work in Xeno Labs


Eating Your Emotions- a mission to defeat 25 Eater Droplets

Fast Food- a mission to clear out Square Meal Trolls from the Burger Joint

Uncle Rico

Hunkiest Uncle of the Year Award- a mission to recover Uncle Rico's trophy collection from Thieves


Carrot Craze- a mission to get carrots in the Winter Wonderland

Right Eye

Cornea on the Cob- a mission to defeat 20 Pirate Clouds

Left Eye

Computer Person

Blast-Man Joe

Hot Air

Pop Goes the Blimp- a mission to defeat Baron von Blimp

Mrs. Hot Air

Hot Air Jr.

Canary 214-LE

Stopping the Infection- a mission to defeat Infected Canary Leader

Some Final Touches- a mission to put finishing touches on Kapowski's secret weapon

Black Ball

Blue Ball


Vault Line- a mission to get technology for Kapowski's secret weapon from a guarded vault

Red Pirate Captain

Blue Pirate Captain

Red Pirates

Blue Pirates

Spartan Warrior

Can't Touch This- a mission to defeat Midas


Fat Cat


Bearded Man







Small Fries

Canopy Monkey



Blue Duck

Green Duck

Egyptian Bird



Missing Link


Baby Dino




Main Ingredients- a mission to collect a vital part of Kapowski's secret weapon

Dirk Valentine

Baron Beat-em' Up- a mission to defeat Baron Battenberg




Jack Frost

Justin Bennet

Satellite Site- a mission to set up a satellite dish to monitor enemy space activity


Handle With Care- mission to recover stolen blueprints for a secret weapon

A Small Problem- a mission to defeat Parasite and activate his secret weapon

Castle Corp Knights

Lady Snow Fox

Bad Marketing- a mission to defeat Maxwell Merlock and Dr. Boshi




Norman Noggin


Robot Workers


Squeak the Dog

Stretchy Dog

Stone Tribe

Rumble Under Foot- a mission to construct traps to keep the Giant Worm away


Mirror Magic- a mission to recover Warlock's magic mirror from the Flash Cat Track


I Spy- a mission to deliver messages to Vikings

Village Chief

Vikings vs. Pirates- a mission to defeat Big Hat Pirate

Master Cutter


Green with Envy- a mission to clear Green Enzymes out of Xeno Labs

Daddy's Little Enzyme- a mission to recover the Professor's research from Three Legged Robots

Nothing Rhymes with Orange- a mission to clear Orange Enzymes out of Xeno Labs

Princess Nectarine IV

Stupid Knights- a mission to defeat 20 Enemy Soldiers

Foreman Buzz



Flash Cat

Godfrey Nectarine IV




Training- teaches basic skills used in the game



Ice Beak

Calamari Squid

Turnament Knight

Jump Hero

Foreman White



Bullethead Soldier

Omega Dragon Slayer- a mission to defeat the Omega Dragon

Tiny Castle Knight

Tiny Castle Maiden



Magnetic Attraction- a mission to deliver a love note to Rex209


Fly Trap



Cactus Men

Let's Go Get Tacos!- a mission to drive Square Meal trolls away from the Taco Hut

Mail Bird

Special Delivery- a mission to make deliveries to several other Nitrome characters

changeType Hero





Ice Cream Missions

These are secret missions that can be received by finding the Ice Cream characters that have hidden themselves around the Nitrome universe.

Vanilla, No Fudge- a mission given by Vanilla to collect milk from Udder Cows

Neapolitan- a mission given by Strawberry to get his fave fruit, bananas, from the bottom of the Canary Mining Facility

Death by Chocolate- a mission given by Chocolate to kill 30 Orange Squids

Sore Bay- a mission given by Sorbet to collect sunscreen from Thieves

Minty Freshness- a mission given by Mint-Choc-Chip to collect his fave fruit, cherries, from the highest peak in the Frosty Mountains

Burst My Bubble- a mission given by Bubble Gum to kill 30 Green Squids

Licorice Lick- a mission given by Licorice to give a love note to Mint Choc Chip

The Baconator- a mission given by Smokey Bacon to collect his feast foods (turkey, bacon, ham, chicken, and more bacon) from Blue Squids

Unidentified Delicious Treat (UDT)- a mission given by Alien Ice Cream to collect his fave fruit, lemons, from a UFO crash site in the Nitromian Desert

List of Special Abilities

  • Air Strike- summons an Air Strike from Rubble Trouble series that bombs enemies in an area attack
  • Rex209 Rampage- summons Rex209 to blast nearby enemies
  • Oodlegob Stampede- summons an army of Oodlegobs to consume nearby enemies
  • Stun- stuns nearby enemies
  • Trap- traps all nearby enemies so they can't move
  • Disable- disables all enemy attacks for a short time
  • Big Cat Vaporize- blasts a mega laser down from the sky at enemies for an area attack
  • Big Freeze- summons a snow storm to freeze nearby enemies
  • Bang Gun- uses the Bang Gun to blast explosions at enemies for an area attack
  • Fault Line- summons Zapo to trap enemies in an alternate dimension using his space bending powers
  • Mercury Melt- summons Mercury to roll into enemies and deal fire damage to them
  • Ninja Stealth- Takeshi grants you his Stealth ability so you can sneak past enemies undetected


  • The Boss from Rubble Trouble states in one conversation that he doesn't know where Larry ran off to, but that he doesn't care on the account that Larry always gets himself into trouble anyway.
  • The Red Pirates and Blue Pirates have their own ongoing feud occuring during the gameplay, so their missions focus less on fighting the badguys and more on fighting each other.
  • The Ice Cream Flavors are hidden all over the worlds of Nitrome. Some of them have special missions to give out.
  • Austin is found in Nitrome City where he looks after Nitrome Towers to make sure the Nitrome Boss isn't up to anything. He says in one conversation that he misses his buddy Justin, who went to Crater City to investigate some recent meteor impacts.
  • The NES Dimension is a dimension reached by using an NES System in the game. This is where all of the NES characters are found, with the exception of Uncle Rico and Raccoon, who have somehow been transported out of the NES Dimension.
  • Larry ran off to the Test Subject Area, where he serves as the Professor's assistant.
  • In one conversation, Penny tells you not to touch her or she will just become another number in the scoreboard, as she said in the game Enemy 585.
  • Enemy 585 does not appear as an NPC in the game, but other characters from his game world do.
  • There is an Orange NPC despite the fact that Orange enzymes appear as enemies as well. The Professor managed to create one good Orange enzyme to help out the heroes.
  • Private Parmesan, Private Provolone, Captain Cheddarton, Major Mozzarella, and Gunner Gorgonzola are all made up Nitrome characters. They are offiicers aboard the S.S. Squeakstar, which landed in Crater City to rebuild its core reactors (due to the Sun having been released from captivity in their ship). The planets Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and the Lost Moons escaped the ship and went to different worlds around the Nitrome universe while the Moon and the Sun returned to their orbits in the sky.
  • Cuboy is hanging out at Fire Sand Beach, which he claims is a very peaceful place, despite having a great quantity of enemies.
  • The Tiny Castle Maiden fled to Dinoland after being evicted from Castle Square by the Tiny Castle Knight.
  • The Oodlegobs were injected into the NES Dimension by Teenager as a main attack force against enemies in the NES Dimension.
  • The Turnament Knight, despite not being from an NES game, is found in the NES Dimension.
  • Foreman White can be found in the Canary Mining Facility, even though he was presumed dead when the aliens first invaded the mining facility. He complains in one conversation about losing his 'lucky white hat' during a narrow escape from the aliens. This white hat is later found in level 2 of Canary by Canary 214-LE.