Le episodé 1: Flasher

Rusty: Oh it's a beautiful day to be a robot!

  • does a barrel roll*
  • Chiseler jumps in front of Rusty*

Chiseler: HA! I said I would return, and I did! Now face your untimely demi-

  • Rusty shoots Chiseler with a water gun and Chiseler shorts out and dies*

Rusty: Can't anything different happen? Like, aliens?

Sucknblow Robot: I don't know.

Rusty: Who are you?

Sucknblow Robot: I'm November! I'm from a cancelled game! My actual name is Flasher.

Rusty: Okay then.

Flasher: ... How about meeting your friends?

Rusty: Okay.

  • Handle robot and Clock robot walk in*

Rusty: The one with a handle is Mitch and the one with a clock is Hans

Hans: Jolly good meeting you kind sir!

Mitch: Shut up.

  • Green robot from changetype flies in and buzzes around erratically*

Green robot: Is it too late? Am I not supposed to be here?!?!

Rusty: It's okay. Have some fun and-

  • Green robot flies around Flasher really fast*

Green robot: Hi my name is Hovey! Do you know why they call me that? Because I hover! And you know why I hover? Because I have these jets! *shows Flasher the jets* How fun is that!

Flasher: Yay.


2: The Bad life of Chiseler

Chiseler: Look, my job is going to be done in a few hours and I don't care if you-

Foreman Buzz: Shut up! Do your job! You get no breaks!

Chiseler: Fine.... Big meanie...

Foreman Buzz: I heard that!


Chiseler: I love this day! Best day ever!

Robearcop: Freeze!

Chiseler: Huh?

Robearcop: You are under arrest for the destruction of public property!


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