This article is about more characters and moves found in Nitrome Smash Arena.

More Characters and Moves

Planets (Cheese Dreams: New Moon)

The escaped planets from Cheese Dreams: New Moon form up into this formidable fighter. With the Moon at the head, Saturn as the torso, Mars as the right hand and the Lost Moons forming the remaining limbs, together they will knock their opponents until they are seeing stars.

H- Moon Punch

H+H- Moon Kick

H+H+H- Moon Head Butt

J- Mars Punch

J+J- Moon Hammer

J+J+J- Saturn Slam

K- Lost Moon Bounce

K+K- Mars Bounce

A or D+H- Saturn Ring Ram

A or D+J- Bouncy Bash

W+H- aerial Moon Punch

W+J- aerial Moon Kick

W+K- Mars Dribble

H+J- Mars Uppercut

J+H- Moon Orbit

S+H- low Moon Punch

S+J- low Moon Kick

S+K- Fondue Pool

Space Bar- Mercury Bowling (summons Mercury to roll over opponent)


The Professor from the Test Subject series joins the arena armed with his clipboard, robotic super legs, and several explosive concoctions from his laboratory.

H- Professor Punch

H+H- Clipboard Slam

H+H+H- Clipboard Smack

J- Robo-kick

J+J- Robo-stomp

J+J+J- Bottle Break (creates an explosion)

K- Bottle Toss (creates an explosion)

K+K- Flaming Liquid (deals fire damage over time)

A or D+H- Robo-scissor Kick

A or D+J- Robo-drop Kick

W+H- aerial clipboard swing

W+J- aerial Robo-Kick

W+K- Vial Lob

H+J- Robo-flip Kick

J+H- Robo-roundhouse

S+H- low clipboard smack

S+J- Robo-leg Sweep

S+K- Vial Slide

Space Bar- RexMech Attack (gets into Rex209 and fires rapid proton blasts)


The hero of the elk tribe slams into the arena with his strong horns and massive ice blocks to give opponents a beating they'll never forget!

H- Kick

H+H- Ram

H+H+H- Roundhouse

J- Horn Bash

J+J- Horn Slam

J+J+J- Horn Launch (throws enemy into the air)

K- Ice Bomb Toss

K+K- Ice Bomb Blitz

A or D+H- Antler Smash

A or D+J- Drop Kick

W+H- aerial kick

W+J- aerial antler swing

W+K- Ice Bomb Drop

H+J- Flip Kick

J+H- Antler Barrel Roll

S+H- low kick

S+J- Horn Sweep

S+K- Ice Bomb Roll

Space Bar- Ice Block Smash


Using his mastery of teleporting and illusion magic, the Warlock will leave his opponents confused as to how exactly they were defeated.

H- Punch

H+H- Kick

H+H+H- Head Butt

J- Staff Prod

J+J- Staff Smack

J+J+J- Staff Swing

K- Magic Orb Blast

K+K- Magic Orb Barrage

A or D+H- Sliding Kick

A or D+J- Staff Slide

W+H- aerial punch

W+J- aerial staff swing

W+K- Illusion Throw (stuns opponent for three seconds)

H+J- Illusion Combo Attack

J+H- Illusion Spin

S+H- low kick

S+J- Staff Sweep

S+K- Low Magic Orb Blast

Space Bar- Illusion Orb Air Strike