Nitrome Target Smash

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Game Type:

Platformer, Shooter




Arrow Keys and >

Default Controls:

W, A, S, D, and G

This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


Nitrome Target Smash is a challenging time trial game in which players try to hit all of the targets and collect all of the items within an alloted time. As they collect more items or smash more targets, they gain more time. Each character has five levels assigned to them, in which the next level will be unlocked upon completing the subsequent one.


The following controls are for the Fuego Handheld system.

Control Pad- movement left and right, jumping, and crouching

Any of the quintet buttons- firing a projectile or using a melee attack


Each character has their own unique ways of attacking and moving around the area. Along with the characters being listed, a short description of their abilities will be given.

Blue- fast, fires proto-bullet

Rex209- fires proto-blast, walks on ceiling

Professor- jumps far, clipboard attack

Mercenary- slow, fast bullets

Dr. Nastidious- slow, pistol attack

Orange- fast, throws goo grenades

Green- fires slime bullets

Pink Angel- can fly, arrow shot

Spartan- fast, jumps far, sword attack

Austin- fast, machine gun blast

Justin- high jumper- shotgun blast

Chimp- fast, good jumper, crate throw

Bullethead- upward projectile attack, high jumper

Fat Cat & Owl- multi=jump, plasma blast

Canary 214-LE- flies, laser blast

Hazmat Hero- jumps high, throws bombs

Dirk Valentine- fast, fires chain cannon

Takeshi- can wall jump, throws ninja stars

Viking- slow, hammer smash

Pirate- slow, bomb launch

Hallbert- wall jumps, sword swing

Caveman- slow, angled arrow shot

Kapowski- wall jumps, punches

Tiny Castle Knight- fast, sword attack

Grey Creature- fast, bullet blast

Medusa- fast, bad jumper, fires arrows

Skeleton- slow, throws skull

Bearded Man- fast, good jumper, slides helmets

Gobber- slow, bad jumper, shoots goo balls

Teenager- fast, releases Oodlegobs that will turn at walls and only disappear after destroying a target

Warlock- slow, will teleport in the direction he is facing if you press attack key in midair, swings with staff

Jack Frost- fast, throws a snowball

Headcase- fast, dashes in direction he is facing when attack key is pressed in midair, headbutts

Duck- fast, can not jump, spawns magic ladders

Interactive Objects

Target- must be smashed by an attack

Gold Coin- must be touched by the character to collect

Lightning Bolt- must be touched to collect, increases speed of the character for a short amount of time