Nitrome The Movie 4 is the 4th Nitrome The Movie. Unlike the last three, this movie has a new bunch of main characters.

Main Characters

Snotty - A stretchy flingy snot.

Parasite 585 - A henchman of the Parasite that likes cheese.

Big Daddy - The daddy of the crusher blocks.

Blue - A test subject of Xeno Labratories.

Heads and Tails - Angry heads chained together.

Fatty - The fat cat.

Hiccup - A young norse warrior who fights sky serpents.

Garry - A demolition crew member who likes video games.

Lucius - An engineer on tanks.

Chrome - The employee of Nitrome that works the Charomat.


World 1 (Happy Jump Land)

World 2 (Mountains)

World 3 (Islands and cold storage)

World 4 (Underworld)

World 5 (Space)

World 6 (NES)

World 7 (Snot City)

World 8 (Haunted house)

World 9 (Volcano)

World 10 (Evil space)

Final World (Negative Demension)

Bonus World (Rainbow Maze)



Demolition Boss and Donkey Kong


Evil Eye

Space Dragon of Insecta Prime

Moo King

Nose and Snot Jr


Bosses Ltd.

Game Virus

Austin Carter, Justin Bennet, and M.R. Nitrome

Game Supervirus

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