Twin_Angels.png This thingy is creative property of TinyCastleGuy. If you would like to use his creation for whatever reason, contact him on his talk page. TCG out!

Day 0: Preparation Day

  • Blueboy: Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of Mega Month!
  • Everyone: What's Mega Month?
  • Blueboy: It's a holiday I made up myself! Every year there is a month between two months, and it's a Nitrome month called Mega Month! The 30 days in it all feature something interesting happening! And every 5 days there is a boss. Well, better prepare! Tommorow is day 1!

Blueboy walks off.

  • NOBODY: Well, we better prepare for this!
  • Random-storykeeper: Let's just hope it's not too hard or dangerous.
  • TinyCastleGuy: It's garenteed to be hard and dangerous if Blueboy made it up.
  • NOBODY: Well... let's just go to sleep early for no reason.
  • Everyone exept NOBODY: Ok!

Everyone goes to sleep for no reason.

Day 1: NES Day

Day 2: Sports Day

Day 3: RPG Day

Day 4: Must Die Day

Day 5: Giant Squid Day

Day 6: Robot Day

Day 7: Storm Day

Day 8: Pet Hero Day

Day 9: Other Game Componies Day

Day 10: Pony Day

Day 11: Circus Day

Day 12: Story Day

Day 13: Greek Myth Day

Day 14: Season Day

Day 15: Zombie Day

Day 16: Rivals Day

Day 17: Princes and Princesses Day

Day 18: Drawing Day

Day 19: Anime Day

Day 20: Hot and Cold Day

Day 21: Gift Day

Day 22: Oppisite Day

Day 23: Mess Day

Day 24: Space Day

Day 25: Blog Day

Day 26: Picture Day

Day 27: Elemental Day

Day 28: Lying Day

Day 29: Evil Day

Day 30: Heaven Day

Day 31 and a Half: Goodbye Day

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