Nitrome Wiki Arcade is a game with an arcade that contains 10 arcade minigames, 1 needing a code (bluebeforepink) to unlcock. The games are owned by Wikians and people afflicated with them. A sequel is coming with even more of the Wikians' games.


NOBODY's Thick and Thin

Similar to Thin Ice, you control NOBODY, making an unlimited amount of monsters fall through the ice.

Random-storykeeper's Rocket Penguin

Fly as much distance as you can on a rocket sled. (Although there is no avalanche.)

Santiago's Line Slice

The player must slice blocks into devices or waste with a moving fault line.

Emitewiki's Lots of Ladders

A Jack Frostish game, the player must climb ladders to make snowmen and beat up the enemies. It is similar to the old game, Burger Time.

Takeshi's Ninja Outing

The player (Takeshi64) must jump on rooftops while running at great speed and killing samurai and robots.

Axiy's Power Painter

The player must blow paint from Axiy's mouth to fill up beakers with paint in a specific time limit. The powerups are Rahama, Untesty, and super Canary blaster.

TinyCastleGuy's Head in the Clouds

The player as TinyCastleGuy must blast the Dark Things away with clouds.

Lilonow's Mining for Diamonds

The player as Lilonow must "mine" by switching around different jewels. The game is similar to the game Bejeweled.

Upcoming Game

This game is upcoming, it will possibly be owned by Austin and Justin or Crystal-lucario.

Blueboy's Cubic Type

This game must be unlocked with a code. You control Blueboy or Cuboy in an attack ship into the sky, shooting at enemy ships and such. It is similar and probably based on the video game series, the R-Type series.

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