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Okay, have anyone head of sound syncing? No? Well, sound syncing is similar to lip syncing, but with music and no singing.

To sound sync, you have to turn off the music, but leave on the effects. (Does not work with old games such as Feed Me due to it turning off all the sounds.) Then, make a new tab with your choice of music and leave it playing! (Note: if a choice below leads to a page on Newgrounds, click on the button on the music player that has a X on it, this will loop the music.)

Here are some Nitrome games with my choice of music, but you can comment on this with your own choices, i'll pick some choices out and it can be put on this page with your name!

Note: My choices with a * on it means it has been pre-looped, no need to press the loop button.

Another Note: Sugesstions that are outside of Newgrounds, such as Youtube will be re-formatted at InfiniteLooper, so there will be no limitation to song length.

My choices!

(!) Square Meal: Etched in stone

(!) Flash Cat: Nyan cat remix

(!) Twin shot 1&2: Angel Island piano OR Emerald Hill Zone remix

(!) Oodlegobs: Flying Battery remix

(!) Dirk Valentine: Chemical Plant remix

(!) Rockitty: Tropical Resort remix

(!) Canary: Sonic 2-Boss battle piano

(!) Parasite: Slender Man song

(!) Cheese Dreams/Full Moon: Starlight Zone Remix

(!) Colourblind: Mario Kart 7 Rainbow Road

(!) Bad Ice Cream 1,2,3: Marble Garden Remix

Office Trap: Pursuit ~ Keep Pressing On - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Platform Panic: Balloon Fight Medley

More coming soon!

The public's choices!

No choices yet! But there will be soon!

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