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Nitropoetry is a poetry chapbook written and compiled by Random-storykeeper. It was submitted as an assignment for her creative writing class, with a collection of six poems with six different Nitrome games as their basis.


Flash Cat

The rush of air shoving past,
Cities darting by like meteors on sugar high,
Light, at its hasty speed,
Pauses to wave.

All streaks of blue and pink
Think they pave the way
For a celebrity who has little time
To even pose on the red carpet.
And city lights, in a wave of cobalt blue,
Cry out from a distance to catch up
With the one who has already beaten their pace.

He races,
Obliterating the speed limit
In between those neon pink barriers.
The walls have no time to think
Before doing their job
And enemies cannot do so much as blink
Before completely missing the streak.

The inhabitants of the town see him in the sky
A streak of orange every morning,
A shooting star in broad daylight
Whose path is not parabolic but paradoxal
Because this flash cat
Does not speed at night.

Amidst the calm of the chalky dark sky,
He lies, soaking in the starlight,
Feeling the shimmer of city lights
Part like carefree fireflies in the cobalt dust
While he wonders throughout the night,
Against the streak of twilight,
If tomorrow’s speed will be good enough,
To help him win.


Basis: Toxic 2

The talkative clock impatiently ticks,
Counting down the seconds
To detonation.
A scurry of leaps
Up the constricted vertical corridor,
Stopping at the peak.

My butter-coloured gloves
Clutch the right side of the wall
As I dangle ten feet above
The careless robots that beckon below,
Backing onto the soon-to-be-doomed cantilever
As the digital one


The anticipated bang erupts from the ground,
Out with blasts of fiery red, orange and white
That briefly blinds even those behind a mask of a yellow suit,
And the beast that surges forth
Lets out a growl that jolts every wall and platform
With a terrified seizure.

The entire factory quakes with fear
But just as the beast enters
It withdraws, taking all noise,
Leaving silence to linger in the echoes
Of this otherwise silent factory.

Severed robot debris
Hurtles itself to the ground like silver hailstones,
The pieces on the edge topple over into a lake of lime green acid
With a hollow sizzle and splat
As the acid breaks down its latest meal.

I drop down to the site of the explosion,
Needles of sweat pricking my back
As the impact of my landing
Clatters the unstable metal.
I turn to continue my task
But pause at the approaching of tell-tale footsteps,
The blood of perspiration flows profusely.

The mother of all robots, I can hear coming,
A mother seeking her revenge
Against the heartless man who murdered
Four of her innocent children

Drawn out footsteps rattle the floors
The way my spine rattles at each crash
That waves through the air
And comes, again and again.

Every force in my body wants to flee
Pulling in all different directions,
Tugging at the flesh to set them free.
Even my feet want to run,
But they stay grounded,
Welded to the floor by the strength of fear, curiosity and hope
That a handful of basic bombs
Can blow the approaching enemy to scrap metal bits.

The chorus of bangs succeeds to a climax
Then stops, a series of clangs trailing behind.
A shadow looms,
One pair of long legs follows my every move
As do three prim pink eyes.

For three moments, the robot and I do nothing but stare and stare and stare,
Gazing pink to yellow, pink to black,
Pink through my heart.
We almost seem sorry to do what fate has foretold us to do,
Until the robot leaps into the air,
Barely missing my face
As I take to the walls, bombs in hand,
Tossing a handful at the robot’s feet,
Watching them count down the seconds to the first blow,
The battle rages on.

The Mission

Basis: Final Ninja Zero

Sweaty palms encased in a suit of camouflage
Brush the glossy wall the way a precise painter
Delicately dabs the details to his scenic painting
Against the dark surface.

The brush, light to touch the wall
Grabs a corner so sly green eyes
Can gaze past the horizon that lies beyond,
Lit by what little light it was allowed at sunrise.

The young ninja artist is hard at work,
Refining his skills on an espionage mission
That will rid the world of Cheap’n Chunky Burgers
So long as eternity lasts.

He suppresses a hasty breath over the hum of a motoring machine,
A sentinel robot trudging through the air
Probing the ground like a vicious guard dog
Pausing, it takes a sniff with its nose of green light.

Nearby, five SWAT units patrol,
Dispatched robots with precision guns
With bullets that can fry a ninja whole
Outlined against the hundred or so deadly light fixtures
Whose red hands sweep the polished floors,
Sensing out suspicious activity.

He falls back to the canvas wall,
Closes his eyes and listens.
The concentration of enemies grows denser
Like an overpopulated forest.

Soon, they will find him.
Inevitably, they will find him,
If he stays put.
The seconds tick in his head.
On five, he runs.

Under the tripwires,
In his solemn suit of stealth.
The lights sweep over him as they do with the floors.

Two deadly ninja stars
Behind each SWATs’ backs,
Oblivious, unaware enemies,
Wiping them clean off the surface in a matter of seconds

Past the sentinel bots
Stealth on, he holds his breath,
Their noses of green light dismiss his presence,
Sniffing in the other direction.

And then he makes a run for it
Running, running,
Swift flying without wings,
Weaving up and down endless corridors
With their presentation of challengers

But none challenging enough
To stop the young ninja artist in his tracks.

The corridor opens to
A room with screen windows,
A cube full of contained silence.

With nowhere to go,
The young ninja runs,
But freezes in his starting tracks,
Jolted by the shock of bolts,
in the colour of green,
Tearing up his insides,
And the ninja knows he has reached his destination.

He struggles to escape, but a sneer voice stops him cold.
His captor,
The one he was trying to capture,
Now faces him with the eyes of a sleep-deprived maniac,
Laughing, victoriously in the young ninja’s face,
For he seems to have won the day.

Behind the mask and green eyes,
The ninja suppresses a hasty smile,
All is part of the plan.


Sniff the sullen green air
The heavenly aroma of lowly forest spirits
Amongst the sickening stench
Of the growing grass around it.

Hear the delectable fluttering
Of wingbeats in the near distance
And the growls of hunched over brutes
Pacing the forest ground,
Fists clenched in the shape of two mallets
In a game of Giant’s Croquet.

The silky green grass fuels my hunger for the bite of flesh-
Any small amount of exposed skin
My impatient mouth could sink into
The same way a child bites and savours the bittersweet flavour
Of his first fudge brownie.

The goodies on this verdant green planet
Have yet to be savoured.
Warm bodies fill spells in my energy radar
Against my slippery brown skin
Like a slop of mud after a rainfall
Bathing in the emerging red sun.

Slithering across the cool green grass
Those earthly hairs brushing their tips against my tentacles
As the pale pink sun above
Radiates against the grey sky.

Oblivious butterflies,
Brown mice with pink ears,
Pave their way to my first victim,
Followed by the echos of their dying cries.

Pale brown fur tinted pink,
Eyes large as hamster balls
That spend the day sleeping.
Levitation supplied by a pair of butterfly wings
Stained by the tinted grey sky.

The beacon in the sky
Seems to wash its pale pink glow
All over the grey washboard.

Ledges of green,
Flowers of yellow
Leave my sights rapidly,
Sinking into the heart of flesh
In this field of stained pink-brown.

My tentacles wash the pinks and browns
Over with a green
That spins the hamster eyeballs
Round and around the hamster ball
As the winged cat flies under the tentacles
of my command.

This is simply nothing but the start
Of a new reign,
For this first foreign creature
Is merely a reflection
Of what this verdant green planet
Is to become.

A Full Kitty

Basis: Rockitty

This stomach has eaten so much that
An entire planet of fish dwells within,
Growing and thriving,
Overpopulating the fist-sized balloon to lengths it never should have become!

These tiny paws are now
Drops of milk remaining in the Milky Way
After every cat in the galaxy
Joins bonds to slurp it up in one sitting
And one drop of milk
Tries to reach for its acquaintance
Seven thousand light-years away.

The rocket moves at a strenuating pace,
And the planet of fish are thrust against
The thin barrier holding it all together,
Threatening to break loose
And invade the ship by storm!

The only lever these tiny paws can reach
Is the one I thrust forth,
My stomach swirling around
Like an orbiting satellite
Or planets around a revolving star
That cannot venture farther, nor venture in.

Mouth opened by force, I groan
A meow of uncontained agony.
The fish, I think,
Will make it back to Catatopia.
I, however, after this long journey,
May not.

The Ninja's Garden

Basis: Final Ninja

A rock,
Resting on the rim.
A rock,
holds his breath
as though
taking a dive
in the carp pond.

The surrounding water
in the form of
slick black suits,
blades of death
burned into their hands,
Hungry for the revenge
they have to seek.

The surrounding flood
forms an open mouth,
An open mouth
closing in
on its vulnerable prey.
And still the rock
does not flinch.
He waits
for the sound of
blade cutting air,
before he takes to the skies.

A deadly sparrow of death
the rock has transformed,
its blue-tipped wings
sharper than a samurai’s sword
sharpened thrice,
its feathered head
knocking every
concealed assassin
to their place
in the ground.
The ones still standing
have no choice
but to flee,
and cower before
their master in failure.

The deadly
sparrow of death
comes back
to the ground,
inhaling deeply.
Even his furrowed
white brows
do not take
the minutes
off his speed
and agility.

He paces
the peaceful garden,
Peaceful now
than it ever was

A rock,
inches towards
the carp pond.
A rock,
sits and meditates
He misses his carp.


  • "Bigfoot"'s original title was "Mother", but was changed because her description was unfitting for her actual appearance in the game.

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