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Takeshi running
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Health 3 blows
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Final Ninja 2.0: Legacy

Noriko is a playable ninja and boss in Final Ninja 2.0: Legacy and appears on levels 20-30.


He is the second boss encountered in Final Ninja 2.0. He is encountered in a square room that is rotating. The room has all walls covered in boost walls. He throws an escrima every 30 seconds. When both escrimas are thrown, the player has a brief amount of time to attack him. If the player damages him enough during that time, Noriko will lose 1/6 of his health. If an escrima hits the player, 1/3 of the player's health will be taken away.


He wields two escrimas which can deflect any rapid shot SWAT bullets, but will lose health when an explosive bullet hits them. Noriko also has an upgraded wall jump, and double jump. Noriko, using Power-Ups, has the ability to connect his two escrimas into a bo staff which can be used for pole vaulting and attack. His visor gives him a targeting system, which gives him improved vision and allows him to see through holograms. He is unlocked on level 18. Noriko cannot fire ranged bullets, but his escrimas bounce off boost walls.