Nyantrome is a new website like Nitrome. Nitrome Creates games about cats.


Nyantrome was though of on June 18, 2012. The Idea was to create nitrome, but cats only. In a conference with other members of a crew, the boss decided to show his members his idea of catified nitrome characters, called "The Cats of Nitrome".

The first photo ever released to the public was this photo of a cat with the hair af Austin Carter.
Austin Carter nitrome cat

Austin Carter

After showing the rest of the crew, the new idea was accepted. Immediately it became a hit with the public. The public wanted more and more of these "Cats of Nitrome" that more were indeed created. Thus Nyantrome was born.


  • June 6 2012- Nyantrome is created.
  • June 6 2012- Nyantrome created it's third "Cat of Nitrome" picture
  • June 26 2012-Nyantrome helps Nitrome produce "Cat Air"
  • July 31 2012-Nyantrome Announces it's latest Game; "Nyantrome Must Die"

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