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Don't Touch!!
Orange Nose Dragon
Dragon Nose Enemy
Attack Blowing fire from nose
Abilities Walking
Game(s) Jack Frost 2

Orange Nose Dragons are an enemy in Jack Frost 2.


They appear to have a circular head with a smaller body and tail. Spines cover them from the top of their head to the end of their tail. They have a long nose that usually points downward, unless they are blowing fire, in which case it sticks straight out. They also have two small feet.

Game Information

Shooting Flaming Nose Enemy

Blowing fire from it's nose

Orange Nose Dragons will continually walk forward until the come to a wall or a ledge, at which they will turn back around and continue walking the other way. Occasionally they will sneeze and a few sparks will come out of their nose. If one of the Frost's comes too close, the Nose Dragon will blow flames out of it's nose, which takes away one of Jack Frost's health. Jumping on them will also result in a loss of health, because they have spikes on their top.


They appear to be a mix between a Orange Nose Enemy and a Green Dragon.

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