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Parasite Too!

Parasite Too! Icon

Game Type:

Platformer, Puzzle





Arrow keys, space



Parasite Too! is the prequel to parasite. It tells the story of how Parasite was created.


Parasite isn't the only one of his kind....... Back before he was parasite, he was just a regular bug.

One bright and shiny day near a puddle...

A truck drives by, it's cargo? RADIOACTIVE WASTES! The car swerves because the truck-driver is trying to eat pizza with his feet! Waste is dumped all onto the puddle.

Moving into a closer view, the puddle is inhabited with many creatures. From Mosquitoes to tiny worms.... even the most interesting. A tiny bug, in-fact, it's the smallest in existence!!! The wastes seeps into them; making them mutate. The Mosquitoes begin to grow larger, the worms mutate, and the fleas turn... RADIOACTIVE!!!!

But the most special bug, begins to grow.... not only physically, but mentally as well. Growing up to 40 times his original size and almost increased his brain capacity by 10,000 fold!!!!! He, unlike the other creatures, became the smartest, and used this advantage against the others. He built a spaceship out of just tin foil, a tooth-pick, rocks, and some spare metal and nails! He stopped only for three seconds to tell the others how stupid and foolish-minded they were, and flew of into space......

Meanwhile with the other bugs.... they continued life as usual.

Three years later.....

Parasite had become one of the most powerful figures on Earth. Owning the Paraco. Gas company and the title of richest being alive, he controls most of what goes on around earth.

The other Parasites were furious. They banned together and swore to take down their smarter braniac brother!!!!



  • The Under-Dweller was created through the radioactive spill. All the Under-Dweller ever wanted was a hug, but nobody ever lets him get close enough so he can hug them.
  • The parasitic worms from Cave Chaos 2 are secretly the Super Parasite.

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