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Parrot Guard
Attack Calling others to capture Kitten
Abilities Rolling, bowling
Health Indestructible
Points 9,999,999 if you manage to kill it
Game(s) A Cat Thief

Parrot Guards are a enemy found in the game A Cat Thief.


Parrot Guards have round bodies and a tuft of feathers at the top of it. Parrot Guards have ice blue feathers, pink feathers on there tummies, and white feathers around their eyes. They posses a light green beak as well as light green feet. Lastly they have two purple eyes.


Parrot Guards were once all held captive in a pet shop. One brave parrot guard managed to escape but he fled and left all the rest to fend for themselves. He one day returned to the pet shop regretting his actions. He walked into the pet shop and knocked the owner unconscious and freed all the parrot guards. He begged forgiveness and he got it. Now the parrot guards work guarding jewels.

Game Information

Parrot Guards are first found on level six of A Cat Thief. They will roll into a room where Kitten is and start squawking and alert others to come. Kitten will be captured and the game will be ended. To avoid the parrot guards the player must make Kitten target the ceiling with her grappling hook. Some parrot guards are faster then others so the player must always no what's happening ahead of time.