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Don't Touch!!
Pink Goop Enemy
Pink Goop Enemy
Attack Dangerous to touch
Abilities Putting down puddles of goop
Game(s) Jack Frost 2

Pink Goop Enemies are enemies from the game Jack Frost 2.


Pink Goop Enemies appear with small bodies and feet, and football-shaped heads.

Game Information

Puddle Enemy

A Pink Goop Enemy shooting out goop

Pink Goop Enemies will walk in one direction, but turn when they encounter a wall or ledge. At seemingly random times, they will stop and drip a small puddle of goop on the ground in front of them. If a Frost character steps on the goop, they become stuck. The player has to rapidly press the left and right arrow keys to become unstuck from the snare, which will dissapear after the Frost has ripped it's feet free. The goop can be especially dangerous if the player isn't being careful, and gets stuck when an enemy is near to run into them. If the player touches a Pink Goop Enemy, they will lose one unit of health.

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